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Publicity for TB

  1. Anti-TB campaigns: Regular health talks, exhibitions etc. are organised by the TB & Chest Service to raise public awareness about TB, and to secure community support to fight against the disease.

  2. No discrimination against TB patients: TB is a disease that can be completely cured. The great majority of TB patients can be rendered non-infectious and can return to work or school soon after commencement of anti-TB treatment.

  3. Support for TB patients: As the treatment for TB requires at least 6 months, family members, friends, and colleagues should offer support to the patients so that they can take the treatment regularly and complete the whole course of treatment.

Publicity for Tuberculosis: 1) Community: Preventive, curative and rehabilitative services from Department of Health and Hospital Authority; Promote health education activities on tuberculosis in community organizations and schools. 2) Family and friends: Care and concern for the health of family members, especially the elderly; Full support from families to reinforce patients' drug complicance; No discrimiation against TB patients. 3) Individual: BCG (Bacilli Calmette Guerin) Vaccination for newborn babies; Lead a healthy lifestyle; Patients to seek early treatment.