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How can TB be prevented?

  1. Early diagnosis and treatment: TB should be treated early in order to prevent deterioration of the disease and spread of the infection. Patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis can attend any government chest clinic for treatment.

  2. Examination of close contacts: The close contacts of TB patients, usually the household contacts, should be examined. This includes tuberculin skin testing and/or chest x-ray examination for young children and chest x-ray examination for older children and adults.

  3. Leading a healthy life style: The germs attack the lungs when a person's body resistance is reduced. So try to guard yourself by leading a healthy lifestyle in order to minimise the chance of contracting the illness. This includes:
  • - adequate exercise
  • - enough rest and sleep
  • - balanced diet
  • - avoidance of smoking and alcohol
  • - breathing fresh air and maintaining good indoor ventilation
  • - good personal hygiene (e.g., avoid coughing and sneezing directly at other persons)

  • BCG (Bacille Calmette-Guerin) vaccination: The TB & Chest Service provides BCG vaccination to all newborn babies to protect them against tuberculosis. Children residing in Hong Kong, who are aged below 15 and have never received BCG before, are also advised to receive the vaccine.
    Preventive measures for tuberculosis
    Preventive Measures for Tuberculosis: BCG Vaccination for newborns and children age under 15 who have never received BCG before; Early diagnosis and treatment; Early contact examination; Lead a happy life; Adequate rest; Balance diet; Fresh air; Adequste exercise; Good personal hygiene.