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TAC briefed on coping measures of railway system under extreme weather conditions
The following is issued on behalf of the Transport Advisory Committee:

     The Transport Advisory Committee (TAC) was briefed today (March 27) by the MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL) on the coping measures of the railway system under extreme weather conditions. 

     Climate change has brought along more frequent extreme weather events, posing challenges to the city and the operation of its infrastructure. It is necessary for the railway, as a major infrastructure facility, to have a comprehensive climate resilience strategy. The MTRCL has put in place comprehensive preparedness and contingency measures for extreme weather conditions to ensure the safety of passengers, staff and the railway system.

     In light of the experience gained from the severe flooding caused by heavy rainstorm in early September 2023 and the strike of Typhoon Koinu in early October 2023, the MTRCL has reviewed its contingency measures and will implement a series of enhancement measures before the rainy season this year, with a view to further strengthening its capability to cope with extreme weather, minimising the inconvenience brought to passengers and, most importantly, ensuring the safety of passengers and the railway. 

     The TAC Chairman, Professor Stephen Cheung, said, "Members concurred that extreme weather events are indeed a major risk to the city. As a heavily patronised public transport network, the railway must have its resilience to cope with climate change strengthened to ensure the safety of passengers. Members appreciated the effort made by the MTRCL in this regard, especially the exploration of innovation and technology to enhance preparedness of staff and the system to confront emergencies. They also hope that the MTRCL will closely monitor the effectiveness of the measures and continue to review various contingency arrangements."
Ends/Wednesday, March 27, 2024
Issued at HKT 17:20
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