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Government welcomes passage of Road Tunnels (Government) (Amendment) Bill 2023
     The Government welcomed the passage of the Road Tunnels (Government) (Amendment) Bill 2023 by the Legislative Council today (June 28), which enables a major step forward in rationalising cross-harbour traffic.

     The Secretary for Transport and Logistics, Mr Lam Sai-hung, said, "The Government's proposed toll plans for the three road-harbour crossings (RHCs) are scientifically based, well deliberated and balanced, and have positively responded to the views of Members of the Legislative Council, the transport trades and the public, after numerous rounds of studies and discussions. The toll plans will help alleviate cross-harbour traffic congestion, and bring benefits to private car motorists, the public transport trades, the commercial vehicle trades, cross-harbour bus passengers and the community as a whole."

     The Bill provides for matters relating to the Government's takeover arrangements of the Western Harbour Crossing (WHC) on August 2 this year; and the all-day fixed toll plan for private cars at the three RHCs in the first phase, i.e. the toll for private cars using the WHC will be reduced by 20 per cent to $60, while the toll for private cars using the Cross-Harbour Tunnel and the Eastern Harbour Crossing will be adjusted to $30. Taxi toll for the three tunnels will be charged at a flat rate of $25 all day. The relevant provisions will come into force on August 2 this year.
     The Bill also provides for a time-varying toll plan. The Government plans to implement time-varying toll at the three RHCs later this year, i.e. the toll for private cars is between $20 and $60; toll for motorcycles (including motor tricycles) is between $8 and $24; cross-harbour taxi toll remains an all-day fixed toll of $25; other commercial vehicles including goods vehicles and buses are charged an all-day fixed toll of $50. The relevant provisions will come into force on a day to be separately appointed by the Secretary for Transport and Logistics.
Ends/Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Issued at HKT 18:06
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