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Four pre-sale consents issued in August


The Lands Department issued four consents for the sale of 2,049 residential units in August, a spokesman for the department said today (September 6).

The four developments, one located on Hong Kong Island and the remaining three in the New Territories, are estimated to be completed between July 2005 and February 2006.

The department also issued a consent to assign for a residential development involving 2,010 units in Kowloon in August.

At the end of August 2004, there were 13 applications for pre-sale consent pending approval, involving a total of 8,996 residential units.

Among these 13 applications, two cases involving 1,621 residential units are expected to be completed before December 2004 and seven cases involving 5,205 residential units before December 2005. The remaining four cases involving 2,170 residential units are due to be completed by the end of June 2006.

There was one application for pre-sale consent for commercial development pending approval.

In addition, there were two applications for consent to assign involving 1,120 residential units and two applications for consent to assign for commercial development pending approval as of the end of August 2004.

Members of the public may obtain up to date information on consents to sell residential units in uncompleted developments issued for the past six months and cases pending approval as of the end of August 2004 by dialling the hotline 2147 5475 or visiting the Lands Department website at

The names of the developer, its parent company (if any), its solicitors, authorised person (including the name of the firm) and the mortgagee bank (if any) in respect of individual development are also available to the public in the form of reports obtainable through the fax-on-demand facilities of the hotline or the Lands Department website.

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