The Lantau Link was offically opened on April 27,1997, and it opened to traffic on May 22.

Lantau Link is the vital connection in the transport network serving the new airport, comprising the Tsing Ma Bridge, the Kap Shui Mun Bridge and the Ma Wan Viaduct.

The double-deck crossing, 3.5 kilometres long, provides the first road link between Lantau Island and the rest of Hong Kong.

The two bridges and the viaduct have six lanes for road traffic on the open upper deck and two railway tracks together with two road lanes for emergency use on the sheltered lower deck.

One-way toll collection is adopted. Drivers have to pay double of the toll specified when leaving Lantau but nothing on entering.

The toll schedule for the Lantau Link is as follows :

    Type or class of vehicle tollToll
    Motor cycle, motor tricycle $10
    Private car, Taxi $15
    Light bus $20
    Single-decked bus $20
    Double-decked bus $30
    Light goods vehicle & special purpose vehicle not exceeding 5.5 tonnes $20
    Medium goods vehicle & special purpose vehicle exceeding 5.5 tonnes but not exceeding 24 tonnes$25
    Heavy goods vehicle & special purpose vehicle exceeding 24 tonnes $40
    Articulated vehicle $40
Taxi passengers using the Lantau Link are required to pay an additional fare of $30, ie., twice the single toll for taxis, irrespective of the direction of travel.

Tsing Ma Bridge

World's longest span suspension bridge carrying both road and rail traffic.

    Length-- 2.2 kilometres
    Main span-- 1,377 metres
    Shipping clearance-- 62 metres
    Tower height-- 206 metres
    Suspension cable
    diameter-- 1.1 metres
    Length of wire in
    suspension cables-- 160,000 kilometres
    Structural steel-- 50,000 tonnes
    Volume of concrete-- 500,000 cubic metres

Kap Shui Mun Bridge

World's longest span cable-stayed bridge carrying both road and rail traffic. It is a composite structure made of steel and concrete.

    Length-- 820 metres
    Main span-- 430 metres
    Shipping clearance-- 47 metres
    Tower height-- 150 metres
    Structural steel-- 4,800 tonnes
    Volume of concrete-- 73,000 cubic metres

Ma Wan Viaduct

    Length -- 503 metres

+ Formerly known as the Lantau Fixed Crossing. The name has been shortened to Lantau Link.

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