The cost of the ACP is estimated to be $155.3 billion, in money of the day (or out-turn) prices.

The Government is meeting $111 billion, or more than two-thirds of the ACP cost, in the form of direct funding of works projects and through equity injection into the AA and MTR Corporation.

The remaining one-third comes from private sector participation in the form of commercial lending for the airport and Airport Railway, key franchises at the airport for air cargo handling, aviation fuel supply, aircraft catering and aircraft maintenance, and the franchise for the Western Harbour Crossing.

The cost of the second runway and associated facilities is estimated to be $4.9 billion in money of the day prices. Of this, $600 million is for additional Government facilities, including air traffic control and meteorological facilities, to support the operation of the second runway.

The real estate development associated with the airport and Airport Railway also provides opportunities for private sector involvement.

Costs (Money of the Day)
New Airport and Related Projects

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