List of ACP Major Contracts Awarded
Airport Authority Contracts

ACP Project
Contract Title
Contract Commencement Date
Award Price (HK$million) (ACP Portion Only) (Money of the Day)
AAAirport Advance Works28-Jan-91 614.00Kumagai - HAM - Maeda Joint Venture
AALok On Pai Marine Works10-Sep-92 24.00Gammon Construction Ltd.
AALSite Preparation01-Dec-929,041.00Airport Platform Contractors
AALok On Pai Refurbishment Works - Construction16-Feb-9312.00United Construction Co.
AAAutomated People Mover System 01-Mar-94321.00New Hong Kong Airport People Mover System Joint Venture
AABaggage Handling System01-Mar-94 640.00Swire Engineering Services Limited
AAFoundations for Passenger Terminal06-Jun-94 465.00Gammon Construction Ltd Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. Joint Venture
AATemporary Ferry Piers & Berthing Structures 06-Jun-9446.40Universal Dockyard Ltd.
AARaw Water Submarine Pipeline06-Jun-9427.00Leighton - Lama Joint Venture
AAInitial Workforce Accommodation, Employer's Office & Contractor's Transit Office 26-Jun-94122.10Shun Shing Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.
AATemporary Utilities, Roads & Bridges26-Jun-94124.50China Fujian - Downer - McAlpine Joint Venture
AAConstruction of a Power Sub-station at Chek Lap Kok03-Oct-9448.50Gold Banner Construction and Development Ltd.
AASupply of Aggregate for Constructing Buildings, Runways and Roads at the new airport at Chek Lap Kok18-Oct-94196.00Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.
AAWorkforce Accommodation - Phase 2 (South) 02-Nov-94362.80Shun Shing Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.
ACP Project
Contract Title
Contract Commencement Date
Award Price (HK$million) (ACP Portion Only) (Money of the Day)
AAWorkforce Accommodation - Phase 3 (North) 02-Nov-94194.00Shun Shing Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.
AAStormwater Drainage Box Culverts Construction29-Nov-94557.30Hsin Chong Construction Co., Ltd.
AAAirfield Tunnels30-Nov-94665.60Downer - McAlpine - Paul Y Joint Venture.
AAPassenger Terminal Building Structure 30-Jan-9510,134.00BCJ Joint Venture
AATerminal Building - Building Services30-Jan-951,880.00AEH Joint Venture
AAElectrical Distribution System Contract for the new airport at Chek Lap Kok15-Apr-95101.80Balfour Beatty Ltd.
AAFixed Ground Power01-May-95117.54Siemens Ltd.
AAAirfield Works Contract for the new airport at Chek Lap Kok01-May-952,610.00Downer - McAlpine - Paul Y Joint Venture
AAEmergency Power Equipment Contract for the new airport at Chek Lap Kok01-May-95112.30The China Engineers Limited
AAProvision of equipment for pumping station30-May-95110.50Young's Engineering Co. Ltd.
AASea water pump house and associated structures30-May-95134.20Nishimatsu - China Harbour Joint Venture
AAMaster Systems Integration01-Jun-95 331.00Hughes Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Limited
AATerminal Building - Public Address 08-Jun-95 44.20Hepburn Systems Limited
AATelephone System08-Jun-9576.80Siemens Ltd.
AATrunked Mobile Radio08-Jun-95 110.50Marubeni Corporation and Hitachi Denshi Ltd.
ACP Project
Contract Title
Contract Commencement Date
Award Price (HK$million) (ACP Portion Only) (Money of the Day)
AABuilding Management System and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System08-Jun-9585.10Control Systems International Inc. and Allen-Bradley (Hong Kong) Ltd.
AAVoice and Data Cabling System08-Jun-95 126.80International Computers Ltd.
AAClosed Circuit Television08-Jun-9551.70Guardforce Ltd.
AAAccess Control & Detection08-Jun-9551.70Guardforce Ltd.
AAFlight Information Display System15-Jun-95 231.70GEC (HK) Ltd.
AASea water pumping equipment29-Jul-9564.10Young's Engineering Co. Ltd.
AALandside Infrastructure25-Sep-95 1,413.27Nishimatsu - Costain - China Harbour Joint Venture
AAGround Transportation Centre29-Dec-951,761.00Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.
AAOperations Systems01-Mar-9649.50EDS Electronic Data Systems (HK) Ltd.
AACommercial Systems01-Mar-9632.60EDS Electronic Data Systems (HK) Ltd.
AAFinance Systems01-Mar-9641.70EDS Electronic Data Systems (HK) Ltd.
AAHuman Resources Systems01-Mar-9631.20EDS Electronic Data Systems (HK) Ltd.
AAWaste Water Treatment Plant 24-May-96106.00Sociedade De Construcoes Soares Da Costa SA-Water Engineering Ltd Joint Venture
AAMaintenance Management System28-Jun-9634.20EDS Electronic Data Systems (HK) Ltd.
ACP Project
Contract Title
Contract Commencement Date
Award Price (HK$million) (ACP Portion Only) (Money of the Day)
AAAirport Ancillary Buildings26-Jul-9661.00Wah Seng General Contractors Ltd.
AAAirfield Fire Stations and Control Centre28-Jul-96167.43Paul Y/Downer Joint Venture
AAAirport Maintenance Facilities23-Aug-96198.56Chun Wo Construction Co., Ltd./ China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Joint Venture
AARoad Lighting26-Sep-9678.78Electricity Advisory Services Ltd.
AAAircraft Recovery Equipment Store and Airfield Ground Maintenance Building22-Nov-96128.00Dickson - China Harbour Joint Venture
AABaggage Security Screening Systems23-Dec-9685.83Vivid Technologies Incorporated
AASea Rescue Facilities31-Jan-9774.37China State Construction Engineering Corporation
AAExpressway Traffic Control and Surveillance System31-Jan-9793.60GEC (HK) Ltd.
AABroadloom Carpet to Public Areas27-Mar-97 76.10Brintons Ltd
AAPublic Area Seating & Miscellaneous Seating28-Mar-97 46.40Wilkhahn, Wilkening & Hahne GmbH
AAJet Blast Screens28-Mar-9753.96R&M Warme-Schallschutz and Industrieservice GmbH
AATerminal Building Passenger and Hand Baggage Security Screening24-Apr-9719.97E G & G Astrophysics
AAAircraft Parking Aids29-May-9743.79Safegate International AB
AALevel 3 Baggage Security Screening System29-May-9741.77In Vision Technologies Inc.
AATrolley Recirculation System18-Nov-97 28.94Associated Engineers Limited
 Total AA Contracts Awarded 58 Contracts34,508.01 

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