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CE visits incineration plant in Tokyo (with photos/video)

     The Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang, touched down in Tokyo, Japan today (November 11) to visit waste treatment facilities in the city ahead of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation Economic Leaders' Meeting to be held in Yokohama.

     Mr Tsang toured the Tamagawa Incineration Plant in the afternoon to learn about the Japanese experience and technology in handling waste. He was impressed by its effectiveness in handling waste, its pollution control facilities and environmental features.

     The incineration plant, which can handle 300 tonnes of waste a day, is located close to the residential area. Efforts were made to design the buildings and the chimney stack at the plant so as to to harmonise with the environment.

     The bunker in use can store approximately 1,200 tonnes of refuse for incineration.

     Using modern technology, the incineration plant is able to reduce  the volume of waste it receives by 90%.

     The plant is also equipped with advance exhaust gas treatment systems such as bag filter, wet scrubber and selective catalytic reactor to clean its exhaust pollutants to levels much lower than the stringent emission standards of the plant.

     The heat produced during the incineration process is used to warm the water of a swimming pool nearby. The heat generated is also recovered as energy to generate electricity, some being used in the incineration plant, while the surplus electricity is sold to an electric power company.

     Apart from inspecting the control room and other equipment in the plant, the Chief Executive also visited its roof top garden, where photovoltaic power and wind turbine power systems were installed to generate clean energy. The garden itself is a greenery measure adopted by the plant.

     "We have much to learn from Japan's experience of waste treatment. The design, construction and operation of the incineration plants I visited today are of a high standard and very environmental friendly. I believe that they would give inspiration to Hong Kong people on how garbage can be dealt with in a more effective, cleaner and more sustainable way," the Chief Executive said.

     In the evening, Mr Tsang will attend a reception hosted by the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mrs Rita Lau, for Hong Kong businessmen and prominent local interlocutors.

     The Chief Executive will visit two more incineration plants in Japan tomorrow, namely, Asahi Incineration Plant in Yokohama and Shinagawa Incineration Plant in Tokyo.

Ends/Thursday, November 11, 2010
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