The monument is situated in the open area to the north-west of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, blending gracefully with the sculpture "Forever Blooming Bauhinia" which stands on the open area to the north-east of the Centre.

The monument is composed of three parts - the pedestal, the pillar and the capital - with a height of 20 metres and a width of 1.6 metres.

The Chinese name of the monument as written by President Jiang Zemin is engraved on the facade of the pillar. The Chinese inscription and the English translation are cut onto the eastern and western sides of the pedestal respectively.

In view of the monument's close proximity to the sea and long-time exposure to the sun, hard and durable granite from the same ore vein with a stable and uniform dark colour is used for both the pedestal and the pillar. Different surface treatments are however adopted to produce diverse textures.

The pillar is made up of 206 overlapping stone slabs, each of which represents a year between 1842 and 2047. For the six circular slabs denoting the years 1842, 1860, 1898, 1982, 1984 and 1990, light colour granite is used. The only flamed ring on the pillar representing the year 1997 stresses the historic importance of the return of Hong Kong to China. The gradual rounding-off of the pillar from its square bottom part towards the top produces an enhanced three-dimensional effect.

Forged from copper with an oxidized surface, the capital is long-lasting, symbolizing that Hong Kong continues to prosper after its return to the motherland.

The monument is illuminated on four sides by floodlights. A 4000-watt searchlight with an illumination range of more than 10 kilometres is installed on the top of the capital. The ring representing the year 1997 has 32 pieces of fibre optic light-points, which look like sparkling stars in the sky when studied closely and form a radiating ring when watched from a distance. At the bottom, the capital is fitted with 48 pieces of fibre optic light-points for illumination.
Monument Inscription

Chief Executive's speech at ceremony for unveiling Reunification Monument

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