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UGC establishes Fund for Innovative Technology-in-Education
​The following is issued on behalf of the University Grants Committee:
     The University Grants Committee (UGC), with support from its Quality Assurance Council (QAC), today (June 28) announced the launch of the Fund for Innovative Technology-in-Education (FITE) with a funding allocation of $100 million. The FITE aims to provide an impetus for universities to harness innovative and breakthrough technologies in transforming pedagogies and enriching student learning experiences, and to nurture a digitally competent and technologically responsible generation, for the future success of their students in the digital economy.
     With the advent of generative artificial intelligence, innovative and breakthrough technologies have presented new challenges and enormous opportunities for transforming pedagogies and student learning experiences. At the same time, the widespread adoption of technologies, such as Web3, may pave way for closer academia-industry collaboration in offering more authentic learning experiences for students. While it is widely acknowledged that digital competency plays a significant role in economic restructuring, there is also growing awareness of the ethical and social issues arising from the use of innovative technologies. In response to these changes, the UGC, with support from the QAC, launched the FITE to support experimental and exploratory endeavours of universities in enhancing their teaching and learning.
     The UGC-funded universities are welcome to utilise the FITE for different initiatives under the following four key themes (see Annex for details):
  1. Driving transformation in pedagogies, curriculum, assessment and student development;
  2. Advancing digital competency for all;
  3. Promoting technological social responsibilities and academic integrity; and
  4. Fostering academia-industry collaboration for authentic learning experience.
     In addition, universities may make use of the funding for other initiatives aiming at advancing the use of technology in teaching and learning. The FITE allocation includes $20 million specifically for inter-institutional collaborative activities.
     The Chairman of the UGC, Mr Tim Lui, said, "The rapid advancement of innovative and breakthrough technologies promises unprecedented opportunities for transforming teaching and learning. Integrating technology and its associated social issues in every aspect of teaching and learning is strategically significant for students, universities, various industries and our economy as a whole. I encourage all universities to seize the opportunity and move ahead to ensure that the quality of educational experience offered by the UGC-funded universities stays at the forefront both locally and internationally."
     The universities may utilise the funding to take forward various initiatives over the next three years. In this regard, the UGC Secretariat has invited all universities to submit their work plans and detailed proposals.
Ends/Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Issued at HKT 15:00
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