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Government launches Phase 2 services of Trade Single Window
     The Government today (May 15) launched Phase 2 services of the Trade Single Window (TSW) to cover 14 types of trade documents, which will be extended progressively to cover a total of 28 types of trade documents (see Annex), marking another milestone of the development of the TSW.
     A Government spokesman said, "The TSW provides a one-stop electronic platform for trade members to lodge business-to-government trade documents for trade declaration and cargo clearance. Implementation of the TSW will overhaul and enhance document submission workflows between relevant government departments and the trade, which will help the trade save time and cost, enhance the efficiency of cargo clearance in Hong Kong, and maintain Hong Kong's status as a prominent international trade centre and logistics hub.
     "Phase 1 of the TSW, first rolled out in December 2018 covering 14 types of trade documents, is now in full service. The services are well received by the trade, with around 11 650 licences/permits issued under Phase 1 services in 2022, accounting for about 90 per cent of the annual number of relevant documents issued. On top of covering 28 more types of trade documents, Phase 2 of the TSW has also incorporated new functions to create better user experience. These include advanced account management functions, full support for the 'iAM Smart' Platform, seamless interface with the information systems of relevant government departments, provision of notification service and functions to allow submissions in bulk."
     Similar to the arrangement for Phase 1, the use of the services provided by Phase 2 of the TSW is voluntary, and trade members may continue to use existing channels provided by relevant government departments for submitting trade documents.
     "The transaction volume of the 28 types of trade documents covered by Phase 2 exceeded 1.1 million in 2022. The Government will promote Phase 2 services through a comprehensive support, publicity and training programme. We encourage trade members to register online as TSW users on the TSW website (www.tradesinglewindow.hk) and submit trade documents newly covered under Phase 2 services through the one-stop platform, so as to further help the trade save time and cost, and enhance the efficiency of cargo clearance in Hong Kong," the spokesman added.
     The TSW will be implemented in three phases. Trade documents covered by the first two phases are mainly import and export licences/permits required for specific controlled goods. Phase 3 is the final and most complex phase, which will cover Import and Export Declaration, Advance Cargo Information, Cargo Manifest and Cargo Report in respect of different transport modes, and applications for the Certificate of Origin and Permit for Dutiable Commodities. The total volume of these documents was around 93 million in 2022. The Government targets to roll out Phase 3 services by batch starting from early 2026 and fully implement the TSW by 2027.
     The Office of Trade Single Window Operation of the Customs and Excise Department oversees the operation of the TSW system and provides support to TSW users through training, help-desk and hotline services. For enquiries, please contact the Office of Trade Single Window Operation at 2117 3348 or by email to enquiry@tradesinglewindow.hk.
Ends/Monday, May 15, 2023
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