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Government announces details of 2023 Consumption Voucher Scheme
     The Government announced today (March 10) the arrangement for 2023 Consumption Voucher Scheme (CVS). About 6.4 million people who have successfully registered for CVS last year (2022) will receive the first instalment of voucher directly through their registered stored value facility (SVF) accounts in April without the need to go through any registration or other procedures. Nevertheless, if the relevant account has become invalid or the relevant Octopus card has been lost/returned, they need to update their account information through designated channels.
Disbursement timetable and arrangement
     Each eligible Hong Kong permanent resident and new arrival aged 18 or above will receive a total value of $5,000 in two instalments. 
     In order to disburse the consumption vouchers early, the Government will disburse the first instalment of voucher valued at $3,000 using the registration data of last year's CVS.
  • People who collected vouchers last year via AlipayHK, BoC Pay, PayMe from HSBC, Tap & Go or WeChat Pay HK will receive through the same account on April 16 a $3,000 voucher with an expiry date of October 31. The remaining $2,000 second instalment will be disbursed on July 16.
  • Eligible people using Octopus to receive vouchers last year will also be disbursed with a $3,000 voucher on April 16. People should collect the voucher by tapping the same Octopus card through Subsidy Collection Points under the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme, designated convenient stores and supermarkets, Octopus Service Points or Octopus mobile app. The remaining $2,000 second instalment will be disbursed from July 16 onwards, depending on when the people's cumulative total "eligible spending" has reached $3,000 (please see Annex I for details). 
     As for people who have come to live in Hong Kong through different admission schemes or to study in Hong Kong, they will receive vouchers in half value (i.e. $2,500). Those who have registered under CVS last year will be disbursed with $1,500 voucher, and the remaining $1,000 second instalment will be disbursed on July 16. Other disbursement and collection arrangements are the same as those mentioned above.
     People must use the same SVF as last year to collect the first instalment of voucher. 
     People will be allowed to change SVF for the second instalment, i.e. the vouchers to be disbursed on July 16. The Government will announce the details at the next phase together with the registration details for new eligible persons.
Usage and coverage
     The usage and coverage of consumption vouchers are the same as the CVS last year. The vouchers can be used at local retail, catering and service outlets or their online platforms. However, the vouchers cannot be used for payments to the Government, public utilities, person to person payments and encashment, etc. People can visit the CVS website (www.consumptionvoucher.gov.hk) for the relevant information.
Handling of invalidated SVF account or lost Octopus card
     People who have registered under 2022 CVS may enquire about the information of their registered SVF account through the link provided on the CVS website. If the SVF account of individual registrant has become invalid, or the Octopus card registered for receiving vouchers in 2022 has been lost/returned, they can update their registration record on or before March 29 through the following channels in order to receive the first instalment of voucher on April 16:
  • Online: Change the registration record through the link provided in the CVS website (www.consumptionvoucher.gov.hk). Relevant function has been activated at 6pm today (March 10)
  • By post: Download the "Application Form for Amendment of Registration Information" from CVS website, or call 18 5000 to obtain the form, and send the completed form together with a copy of the valid Hong Kong Identity Card to the "Consumption Voucher Scheme Secretariat, GPO P.O. Box 185000, Hong Kong" by post. No postage stamp is required if posted in Hong Kong (postage will be paid by the Government).
  • Service centre: Visit the temporary service centre to amend the account information with assistance of the staff. There are eight temporary service centres across the territory. The addresses are listed at Annex II. The centres will provide services from 9am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday) from March 11 to 29 and close on Sundays and public holidays. People can call 18 5000 to make appointments with the centres in advance.

JoyYou Card

     For those who have applied for a JoyYou card, they may continue to use the CVS-registered Octopus card to receive the voucher if that Octopus card is still valid. If they have returned the Octopus card, and wish to use the JoyYou card to receive the vouchers under 2023 CVS, they can call the Octopus hotline 2969 5588 to make amendment.
     The Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan, said "I announced in 2023-24 Budget to issue consumption vouchers again in order to provide support to the general public and small and medium sized-enterprises to the best of our ability when the community is at the early recovery stage and our economy has become relatively stable. Through stimulating consumption, we can sustain the impetus to economic recovery and at the same time promote the wider use of electronic payment."
     People may browse the CVS website or call hotline 18 5000 to obtain detailed information of 2023 CVS. 
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