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Contingency streamlined arrangement for Closed Road Permit for cross-boundary vehicle application procedures
     The Transport Department (TD) today (February 16) announced that a contingency streamlined arrangement for a Closed Road Permit for cross-boundary vehicle application procedures will take effect from tomorrow (February 17) to accelerate the processing of applications (including applications already submitted to the TD) and allow eligible persons to obtain the permit as soon as possible.

     The TD said that there has been a substantial increase in the number of Closed Road Permit applications (from a daily average of 300 applications in January, 2023, to 800 applications recently) upon full resumption of normal travel between Hong Kong and the Mainland. Some applications are not accompanied by supporting documents, and the processing time has therefore been lengthened. In view of this situation, the TD has decided to introduce contingency streamlined application procedures for a Closed Road Permit. The applicants should submit the completed application form and an Approval Notice (Mainland Approval Notice) issued by the Guangdong Public Security Department, to the TD's Cross Boundary Unit by hand or by post. The TD will process the application and issue the Closed Road Permit for those applicants who have completed the application form and with a valid Mainland Approval Notice as soon as possible, without the need of submission and vetting of other documents. The above streamlined application procedures will be implemented from February 17 to May 16. 

     The TD reminds applicants that this streamlined arrangement is a contingency measure to meet the upsurge in applications. The applicants are required to submit all required documents to the TD in renewal applications in future, so as to ensure they meet the requirements of both Mainland and Hong Kong governments. The streamlined application procedures are not applicable to vehicles not previously issued a Closed Road Permit. For these cases, the applicant must still comply with the existing procedures and submit all the required documents.

     The address of the TD's Cross Boundary Unit is Room 1032, 10/F, Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central. The application forms are TD547 for the use of Renewal/Change of Vehicle/Duplicate/Change in Driver Particulars applications and TD547D for the use of new applications.

     For enquiries, please call 2804 2600.
Ends/Thursday, February 16, 2023
Issued at HKT 18:16
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