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Home and Youth Affairs Bureau and Youth Development Commission jointly launch Funding Scheme for Youth Adventure Training Activities
     The Home and Youth Affairs Bureau (HYAB) and the Youth Development Commission (YDC) have jointly launched the new Funding Scheme for Youth Adventure Training Activities (the Funding Scheme) today (December 29) to subsidise eligible non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to provide adventure training activities for young people in support of their healthy personal development.

     The Chief Executive stated in his 2022 Policy Address that the Government should create opportunities for children to develop and flourish while nurturing a new generation of young people having an affection for the country and for Hong Kong, and possessing global perspectives, who will contribute to the country and the city. The HYAB has recently published the first edition of the Youth Development Blueprint which outlines the principles, objectives and actions of the Government in pursuing youth development. With a view to working towards the direction of the Blueprint, the HYAB and YDC earmarked about $100 million under the Youth Development Fund to launch the Funding Scheme which aims to subsidise NGOs to provide adventure training activities of quality and scale for young people in a structured manner. Participants are to, through taking part in adventure training and a series of experiential activities under the progressive guidance and involvement of instructors, encounter various difficulties and challenges, and feel a sense of accomplishment brought by solving problems and overcoming challenges while gaining an experience that transcends everyday life. The Funding Scheme aims to improve young people's physical and mental well-being, foster their positive thinking and resilience, foster a sense of discipline and team spirit; and emphasise the importance of cultivating positive values and thinking of young people during their growth and development, enabling them to become a new generation with a sense of ownership and responsibility, and an aspiration and willingness to contribute to the development of the country and of Hong Kong.

     The first round of the Funding Scheme (2023-25) will last for around two years. Sponsored projects may each be granted a maximum of $7 million. The application deadline for the Funding Scheme is noon on February 24, 2023.  

     The details of the Funding Scheme and the application form are now available on the YDC's dedicated webpage (www.ydc.gov.hk/en/programmes/positive/adventure.html). Interested NGOs may browse the above webpage.

     The HYAB and YDC have also launched the Funding Scheme for Youth Positive Thinking Activities to subsidise eligible NGOs to organise projects that are conducive to nurturing positive thinking amongst young people, in line with the Blueprint, particularly those projects which would involve cross‑sectoral collaboration or be youth-led and could drive community building. The scheme is now open for applications. Details are available on the YDC's webpage.
Ends/Thursday, December 29, 2022
Issued at HKT 18:36
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