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Supply of medicine containing paracetamol in Hong Kong
     ​In response to media enquiries, a Government spokesman today (December 22) stated that the recent increase in demand for medicine for relief of pain and fever is noted, in particular certain brand of medicine containing paracetamol for use as analgesics and antipyretics. The Government stresses that the stock level of medicine containing paracetamol in the public healthcare system is sufficient and appeals to drug retail outlets such as pharmacies and supermarkets to closely monitor the sale of the relevant drugs for maintaining steady supply to those in need.

     The Government has liaised with the relevant suppliers, manufacturers, the local pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as community pharmacy associations. It was noted that there is stable supply of medicine containing paracetamol for use as analgesics and antipyretics. Even though the supply of specific brand of medicine for relief of pain and fever may be tight due to the sharp rises in demand within a short period of time, the supply of other brands of medicine for relief of pain and fever are still sufficient.

     Paracetamol could be used to relieve pain and fever. According to record, there are currently 756 pharmaceutical products containing paracetamol registered in Hong Kong. Members of the public can search the database of registered pharmaceutical products with English product names or ingredients via the search engine in the website of the Drug Office, Department of Health: www.drugoffice.gov.hk/eps/do/en/consumer/search_drug_database.html.

     According to the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance, Chapter 138, all pharmaceutical products must satisfy the criteria of safety, efficacy and quality and be registered with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board before they can be sold in Hong Kong. All registered pharmaceutical products should carry a Hong Kong registration number on the package in the format of "HK-XXXXX".

     The Government spokesman urged members of the public that they should avoid buying medicine for self-medication and should consult healthcare professionals for advice before taking any medications for their conditions. The public need not stockpile any medicines including those containing paracetamol.
Ends/Thursday, December 22, 2022
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