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Jin Yong Exhibition successfully concluded in Wuhan, Hubei and people deeply felt charm of Jin Yong
     The first thematic exhibition in the Mainland of the famous journalist and writer Dr Louis Cha (pen name Jin Yong) - "Jin Yong Exhibition" successfully concluded yesterday (October 7) at the Hubei Provincial Library in Wuhan, Hubei Province. 

     The Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Wuhan (WHETO), Mr Franco Kwok, said, "Titled 'the Great Hero serving the Country and the People', the Jin Yong Exhibition showcases the far-reaching influence of Jin Yong's martial arts novels on Hong Kong's popular culture as well as the Chinese literature worldwide over the years, his cultural career and making of his marital arts novels, and the patriotic sentiments in his masterpieces. The exhibition is one of the signature events in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and is the first exhibition of its kind held outside Hong Kong. It is also a key cultural exchange event between the two places following the establishment of the Hubei/Hong Kong Co-operation Mechanism in November 2021."

     The four-week exhibition has aroused a craze for Jin Yong in Hubei and the Central regions, with Jin Yong fans and members of the public coming from all over the place to the exhibition. Mr Kwok said, "Jin Yong exhibition has received overwhelming responses from the members of public, as shown by the platform for advance booking fully booked quickly, which demonstrates their enthusiasm and love for 'Dr Cha- the hero' and his world of martial arts heroes. The exhibition has attracted intensive and extensive attention as well as a huge number of positive comments and 'likes' on major social platforms. The Hong Kong TV series, movies and related thematic songs adapted from Jin Yong's martial arts novels also cradle the Mainland people to their fond memories and resonate. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr Cha's family for their full support and valuable advice to make the exhibition a success."

     The Jin Yong Exhibition is rich in content, including Dr Cha's manuscripts, seals, books, documents, movie posters and stills, as well as a special edition of stamps themed "characters in Jin Yong novels" and other personal items of Dr Cha on loan from the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the Hong Kong Central Library, the Hong Kong Film Archive and Dr Cha's family. Other exhibits included the paintings of Ms Edna Cha, Dr Cha's daughter, the illustration of Jin Yong characters by the renowned illustrator, Lee Chi-ching, and the thematic sculptures specifically created for this exhibition by Simon Ma, the famous Hong Kong artist.

     To complement the Jin Yong Exhibition, WHETO also organised a number of side programmes which were overwhelmingly received by the public. In addition to the Mount Wudang's martial arts performance, WHETO also organised three thematic seminars and invited a number of scholar experts and well-known internet critics to dissect Jin Yong's novels and their reading experience in depth. WHETO also presented six Hong Kong films with Dr Cha's involvement or adapted from Jin Yong's novels, spanning the period from 1950s to the 1990s. The Hubei Provincial Library has also increased the number of Jin Yong's novels in their reading corner for borrowing.

     The Jin Yong Exhibition is co-organised by WHTEO, the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the Hubei Provincial People's Government and the Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and is solely sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. For details of the exhibition, please visit WHETO's website at www.wheto.gov.hk/en/hksar25/index.html.
Ends/Saturday, October 8, 2022
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