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LCSD launches For Kids page under Edutainment Channel
     ​To facilitate the public enjoy the fun of parent-child learning, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has launched the For Kids page (www.lcsd.gov.hk/edutainment/en/for_kids/index.html) under its Edutainment Channel, which is an online platform covering informative and learning materials on aspects of culture and leisure. The page collects all suitable videos in one page, saving time on searching.

     The LCSD's Edutainment Channel has been popular among members of the public since its launch in December 2020, and over 1 200 videos have been uploaded. At present, around 26.5 million views have been accumulated. The For Kids page is a collection of interesting and educational videos suitable for children, in which parents and their children can explore new scopes of knowledge together.

     Videos on the For Kids page are grouped into different categories. The interesting videos include:

* "vis-à-vis+01": Upcoming online workshops organised by the Hong Kong Public Libraries - "Fun Reading‧Handicrafts‧Big Head Buddha" and "Fun Reading‧Handicrafts‧Letterpress Printing";
* Museum: (i) Hong Kong Science Museum - Children's Programme video series illustrating science knowledge in daily life, for example "Wonderful Colours" and "Amazing Air"; (ii) the Ultimate Guide to Explore Museums - giving a lively introduction on basic etiquette when visiting museums, for example "Illustrate the exhibitions in the dark"; (iii) Exploring the World of Dinosaurs Through Fossils held by the Hong Kong Science Museum; and (iv) the Crash Course for Astronomy Novice held by the Hong Kong Space Museum;
* Reading: Summer Reading Fiesta - guiding kids to make story-related craft works through online workshops and Storytelling Sessions - telling stories in various ways;
* Performing Arts: letting parents and kids watch various performances online, for example programmes under the International Arts Carnival; the "Cheers!" Series; "Circus for Cheerful Christmas" by Hong Kong Circus; and various kinds of musical performances;
* Sports: demonstrating parent-child exercises at home;
* Horticulture & Greening: the "Horticulture Classroom" series - introducing various kinds of knowledge in gardening; and
* Animals: introducing various kinds of animals like the Bornean orangutan, the emperor tamarin and the black crowned crane.

     The LCSD's Edutainment Channel, combining education with entertainment, is best captured by its slogan "One click to treasures - Culture & Leisure". The resources of the channel are grouped into six categories, namely museums, reading, performing arts, sports, horticulture and greening, and animals, offering numerous videos on online exhibitions, performances and sports demonstrations. Also included is information on the promotion of online reading and flora and fauna of the LCSD's major parks.

     The channel also features the 101 Academy, which releases new videos every Friday, starting from basic concepts and systematically introducing various kinds of leisure and cultural knowledge. This helps the public grasp background knowledge before visiting exhibitions, participating in leisure and cultural activities and watching sports games. The channel also runs a "vis-à-vis+01" series, which utilises Internet technology to create an interactive experience, including museum virtual guided tours, online interactive sports training programmes and various kinds of online lectures. This lets members of the public join various leisure and cultural activities from the comfort of their homes.

     Contents of the Edutainment Channel will be updated regularly to keep people abreast of the latest developments in arts, culture, recreation and sports. The public are most welcome to visit the channel. Members of the public may also obtain the latest information of the Edutainment Channel via the "LCSD Plusss" Facebook page (www.facebook.com/LCSDPlusss/) and Instagram page (www.instagram.com/lcsdplusss/).
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