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LCQ14: Improving roads and traffic in Yuen Long District
     Following is a question by the Hon Holden Chow and a written reply by the Secretary for Transport and Housing, Mr Frank Chan Fan, in the Legislative Council today (January 26):


     Some residents of the Yuen Long District have relayed that the traffic congestion problem is serious on Fung Cheung Road which serves as the main road for local residents to travel to Tung Yick Market and commute between the Yuen Long town centre and other districts, as well as on the adjoining roads such as Kin Lok Street and Fung Yau Street North. In addition, there are also problems with the design of the road junctions concerned, resulting in traffic accidents occurring from time to time. In this connection, will the Government inform this Council:

(1) regarding the removal of the planters in front of the Transport Plaza on Kin Lok Street for carrying out the widening works at the road junction turning from Kin Lok Street into Fung Cheung Road, of the timetable and progress of the works;

(2) given that at present, vehicles travelling to Kin Lok Street can only make a left turn into Fung Cheung Road which will easily cause traffic chaos, whether the Government will consider changing Fung Yau Street North and Fung Kam Street from the current two-lane traffic to single-lane traffic, so as to make the driving routes clearer, thereby minimizing traffic accidents; and

(3) whether, apart from the aforesaid works and proposed measures, the Government has other proposals for ameliorating the traffic congestion and chaos at the aforesaid roads?



     The Transport Department (TD) has all along been committed to improving the traffic conditions of Fung Cheung district in Yuen Long. Fung Cheung district, including Fung Cheung Road and its adjacent areas (e.g. Fung Kam Street and Fung Yau Street North), is located at the Yuen Long town centre. Fung Cheung Road is a north-south district distributor connecting Yuen Long South, Yuen Long town centre, Castle Peak Road and Pok Oi Interchange. The existing junctions along Fung Cheung Road are mainly priority junctions without the provision of traffic signals. Due to busy traffic at Fung Cheung Road together with its priority for traffic at the junctions, traffic along Fung Yau Street North westbound, for instance, often finds it difficult to make a right turn to Fung Cheung Road northbound, which causes traffic tailback.

     Having consulted the TD, our reply to the various parts of the Hon Holden Chow's question is as follows:

     In end 2019, the TD commissioned a consultancy study which covered identification of traffic improvement measures for junctions of Fung Cheung Road, Fung Yau Street North and Kin Lok Street, as well as their adjacent areas. In March 2021, the TD introduced the improvement measures at the meeting of the Traffic and Transport Committee of Yuen Long District Council, and conducted local consultation in Q3 2021 via Yuen Long District Office. The local community in general supported the improvement measures, the details of which are as follows:

(i) Installation of traffic signals at the junctions of Fung Cheung Road, Fung Yau Street North and Kin Lok Street

     The TD will install traffic signals at the junctions of Fung Cheung Road, Fung Yau Street North and Kin Lok Street to regulate traffic and to enhance road safety. Regarding the original planned planter trimming works beside Transport Plaza at Kin Lok Street, the TD will further trim the size of the planters on top of the original scheme so as to release more space for road widening.
(ii) Enhancement of traffic conditions of the roads nearby through improving traffic arrangement

     The TD will convert the following roads from two-way roads into one-way roads: Fung Kwan Street, Fung Kam Street (section between Fung Kwan Street and Fung Yau Street North), Fung Yau Street North (section between Fung Kam Street and Fung Yau Street East), Fung Yau Street East and Fung Yau Street South. This arrangement can, on one hand, avoid traffic congestion arising from concurrent passing of heavy vehicles on both bounds due to inadequate space, and on the other hand, it can cater more effectively kerbside loading and unloading activities through one-way traffic. The TD has examined the feasibility of re-routing the sections of Fung Yau Street North and Fung Kam Street connecting to Fung Cheung Road as one way eastbound and one way westbound respectively in the study. However, this arrangement will increase the traffic load of Fung Kam Street, and will also divert the original traffic along Fung Kam Street northbound (those heading to the junctions of Fung Cheung Road, Fung Yau Street North and Kin Lok Street) to the already very busy Fung Cheung Road. Therefore, the proposed conversion to one-way traffic does not cover the sections of Fung Yau Street North and Fung Kam Street connecting to Fung Cheung Road. Nevertheless, the TD will install appropriate traffic signs and road markings to make the driving routes at Fung Yau Street North and Fung Kam Street clearer so as to enhance road safety.

     Regarding the implementation arrangement, the TD is reviewing the details with the Highways Department (HyD). As the works will be implemented at busy road sections and will involve installation of traffic signals as well as turning existing footpath and planter into carriageway, it is necessary to divert a number of underground utilities and implement multi-stage temporary traffic arrangements. The construction works are relatively complicated. According to the current assessment, the HyD will carry out ground investigation in Q4 2022 to facilitate diversion of underground utilities, which will in turn prepare for the commencement of the relevant works. The TD will continue to maintain close liaison with the HyD so as to complete the improvement works as soon as possible.
Ends/Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Issued at HKT 14:00
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