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Government welcomes return of Disciplined Services Consultative Council staff side to Pay Trend Survey Committee
     The Government announced today (December 3) that, on the Government's invitation, the Disciplined Services Consultative Council (DSCC) staff side has returned to the Pay Trend Survey Committee (PTSC). The Government welcomed the decision by the DSCC staff side.

     A spokesman for the Civil Service Bureau said, "Following the DSCC staff side's return to the PTSC, the four central staff consultative councils, namely the Senior Civil Service Council (SCSC), the Model Scale 1 Staff Consultative Council (MOD 1), the Police Force Council (PFC) and the DSCC, will all have representatives to participate in the work of the PTSC on the annual pay trend survey (PTS). This demonstrates the concerted efforts between the management and staff sides of the civil service in moving forward to a new stage of closer co-operation.

     "The Government believes that with the rejoining of the DSCC staff side representatives in the PTSC, the representatives will, together with the staff side of the PFC, which has returned since 2018, as well as those of the SCSC and the MOD 1, which have been actively providing opinion on matters relating to civil service pay adjustment throughout the years, bring more in-depth and comprehensive discussions on the annual PTS and allow the views of various staff side representatives to be better reflected in the PTSC.

     "The Government is committed to strengthening the communication with staff side representatives under the existing pay adjustment mechanism so that staff side representatives can express their views more fully in the process."

     Although the staff sides of the PFC and the DSCC withdrew from the PTSC in 2013, the Government had all along maintained close communication with the staff side representatives of the two councils and listened to their views on various issues including civil service pay adjustment through different channels. The PFC staff side returned to the PTSC in 2018.

     Following rounds of communication in the past year, the DSCC staff side, having learnt that the PTSC had enhanced the annual PTS methodology and transparency after taking into account the views of its members and consolidating its experience over the years, accepted the Government's invitation and returned to the PTSC.
Ends/Friday, December 3, 2021
Issued at HKT 15:00
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