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AFCD mounts wild pig capture operation at Pak Fuk Road in North Point
     The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) mounted a wild pig capture operation at Pak Fuk Road, North Point, today (November 30) with a view to reducing the number of wild pigs there and safeguarding public safety.

     An AFCD spokesman said that the department started the wild pig capture operation at Pak Fuk Road at 6.30pm this evening. Veterinarians used dart guns to capture two wild pigs for humane dispatch through medicine injection. The operation was completed at 9pm.

     The spokesman said, "Many wild pigs are accustomed to wandering and gathering in the area, including a nearby residential estate and playground. Some wild pigs have even strayed into a school in the vicinity and looked for food from passers-by, posing potential threats to users of the Pak Fuk Road Playground such as children and nearby members of the public."

     The spokesman also noted that over the past three years (December 2018 to November 2021), the AFCD had conducted five capture and relocation operations as well as capture operations due to incidents at the site, and relocated 12 wild pigs to remote areas in the countryside. However, a large group of wild pigs continued to wander and gather at the area. Relocation alone could not effectively control the wild pig nuisance.

     The AFCD will continue to carry out wild pig capture operations and accord priority to sites with large numbers of wild pigs, areas with a history of injury cases or areas where wild pigs may pose risks to members of the public.
Ends/Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Issued at HKT 23:35
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