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DH commences Oral Health Survey 2021 in November
     The Department of Health (DH) announced today (November 19) the commencement of a territory-wide Oral Health Survey 2021 (OHS 2021) in November to collect updated and representative oral health information of people in Hong Kong. The DH has commissioned the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Hong Kong to conduct questionnaire interviews and oral examinations for OHS 2021.

     The OHS 2021 targets five population groups, namely five-year-old children, 12-year-old youths, adults aged between 35 and 44, elderly aged 65 to 74 and elderly aged 65 or above who are receiving long-term care services. Participants of each group will be invited through selected kindergartens, schools or respective service units, or invited as they signed the consent form earlier during the Population Health Survey 2020.

     Staff members will visit the participants' school, place of residence or respective service units to conduct interviews and oral examinations with them. Participants of the adults aged 35 to 44 and elderly aged 65 to 74 groups may also choose to have the interview and oral examination at designated places.

     In view of the local COVID-19 epidemic situation, staff members will adopt appropriate infection control measures when conducting interviews and oral examinations.

     All personal data and contact information collected in the survey will be kept strictly confidential. Meanwhile, all staff members will carry staff identity cards issued by the DH for the purpose of identification. Members of the public may call the OHS hotline (Tel: 2859 0291) to verify the staff's identity.

     The public may also visit the OHS website (www.toothclub.gov.hk/en/en_ohs2021.html) for more information on the OHS 2021.
Ends/Friday, November 19, 2021
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