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Hong Kong Space Museum to live stream Perseid meteor shower on August 12
     The Perseid meteor shower will be visible in Hong Kong this August. It is one of the meteor showers that boasts the best conditions for observation this year. The best time for local observation would be from around 10pm on August 12 (Thursday) to 5am on August 13 (Friday). The Hong Kong Space Museum will live stream the Perseid meteor shower from 10pm on August 12.
​     During a meteor shower, meteors appear to emanate from a point (the radiant) in the sky. The radiant of the Perseid meteor shower will rise in the northeast at about 10pm on August 12 and the number of meteors will increase when the radiant appears higher in the sky. Under favourable weather conditions, the public may be able to see around 20 to 30 meteors per hour during the peak at less light-polluted places with a wide unobstructed view, such as the Sai Kung countryside and South Lantau.
​     The Hong Kong Space Museum will live stream the Perseid meteor shower via its YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/hkspacem). Curators will introduce the science behind meteor showers and the different ways of observing them.
​     Since weather always affects astronomical observations, members of the public are advised to pay attention to the latest weather conditions during the observation period. The public should also comply with the latest anti-epidemic measures and maintain social distancing while staying vigilant with regards to personal hygiene. For details of the Perseid meteor shower and the live streaming, please visit the Museum's website at hk.space.museum.
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