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ENB to offer more than 800 environmental-related jobs under Green Employment Scheme again
     A spokesman for the Environment Bureau (ENB) said today (June 2) that about 800 environmental-related jobs will continue to be created or subsidised under the Green Employment Scheme (GES), including 500 time-limited jobs and 300 subsidised jobs under the Government's subsidy programme for graduates, offering more employment opportunities to further promote green actions this year.

     The Government announced in the Budget this year to further earmark $6.6 billion to create an additional 30 000 time-limited jobs. About 800 time-limited jobs will be created or subsidised under the GES, of which 500 jobs cover three categories of environmental protection work, namely "Electric Vehicles (EVs) Popularisation", "Use Less, Waste Less" and "Leave No Trace at Mountain and Sea". The jobs focus on promoting the popularisation of EVs, strengthening support for different waste reduction and recycling projects as well as promoting the "Leave No Trace at Mountain and Sea" outing concept. The full-time and part-time positions, lasting for about three months to a year, are suitable for candidates with different skills and qualifications.

     Furthermore, the ENB has launched a subsidy programme for graduates under the GES, which aims to subsidise private companies and suitable organisations to employ fresh graduates working in areas related to environmental protection. It provides opportunities for graduates who are interested in environment-related fields to enter the industry, and nurtures talents for meeting needs on various environmental fronts. The programme was launched last year and received a positive response from the trades, with the number of applications exceeding the pre-set subsidy quota. The ENB has decided to launch the "Graduates Subsidy Programme 2021" this year to continue providing employers of eligible graduates with a monthly subsidy of $5,610 to form part of the monthly salary paid to each eligible graduate for a period of 18 months. It is anticipated that the programme could benefit around 300 jobs.

     "We understand that the local market is facing huge pressure and challenges due to the persistence of the epidemic. We hope that the subsidy programme would provide relevant graduates with more green employment opportunities and help with professional succession in the environmental sector," the spokesman added.

     In addition to a salary subsidy, the Environmental Academy of the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) will continue to collaborate with various professional societies and organisations to provide the graduates with the professional training course "GreenPro Training Programme". The enriched course covers various environmental protection topics such as global environmental issues and sustainable development, environmental assessment and planning, climate change, air quality, waste management, water quality and noise control, with a view to better equipping the employed graduates with different areas of expertise in the field.

     "Graduates Subsidy Programme 2021" will open for applications from July 2. Details about the subsidy programme and the application form are available at the EPD website (www.epd.gov.hk/epd/english/graduates_subsidy_programme.html). Eligible companies and organisations wishing to apply for the subsidy should submit their applications from July 2 to September 30. For more information, please call 2835 1870 or email graduates_subsidy2021@epd.gov.hk.

     The GES, launched by the ENB last year, has created over 600 time-limited jobs in the realm of environmental protection and approved over 500 subsidised jobs under the Government's subsidy programme for graduates, to provide employment opportunities and promote environmental protection.

     As well, the ENB has adopted a number of new measures on the promotion of cleaner energy and renewable energy, energy efficiency and green buildings, green transportation, waste reduction and recycling, green infrastructure and green innovative technologies. These measures will create a green economy and employment opportunities, and promote a green recovery. Over 5 000 employment opportunities are expected to be created in the next few years.
Ends/Wednesday, June 2, 2021
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