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Judiciary introduces e-Appointment service for three registries
The following is issued on behalf of the Judiciary:

     The Judiciary today (March 2) announced that an e-Appointment service, which is free of charge to the public would be launched on March 5 (Friday) for the Probate Registry, the Family Court Registry and the Lands Tribunal Registry for few specified types of services.

     The newly introduced e-Appointment System enables unrepresented litigants/applicants to make online appointments for specified services on March 8 (Monday) and beyond.

Probate Registry of High Court
     An online appointment service will be available to grantees who file an application for amendment of Grant where:
(1) the deceased died on or after February 11, 2006; and
(2) the original Grant is in the possession of the grantee(s); and
(3) the Grant was issued without any limitation; and
(4) Guarantee is not required; and
(5) the application for amendment of Grant seems simple and straightforward and the nature of the estate is not complicated.

     The new service will be accessible at www.judiciary.hk/en/court_services_facilities/pres_index.html
Registry of Family Court

     The new service will be applicable to those who submit petitions for divorce or joint applications. It is accessible at  www.judiciary.hk/en/court_services_facilities/fcci_index.html

Registry of Lands Tribunal

     The online appointment service is applicable to the filing of new applications for three types of cases:
(1) Possession Application for Domestic Premises;
(2) Possession Application for Non-Domestic Premises; and
(3) Building Management Application.

     The new service is accessible at www.judiciary.hk/en/court_services_facilities/ldci_index.html

     Unrepresented litigants/applicants may refer to the Guidance Notes of the respective registries at the above dedicated links for details of the e-Appointment service.

     The Judiciary will review the experience of the above initial application of e-Appointment services with a view to refining and extending it incrementally to other services where appropriate.
Ends/Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Issued at HKT 13:26
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