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Caritas Medical Centre announces an incident on suspension of ventilation system in a Computed Tomography scan examination suite
The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:

     The spokesperson for Caritas Medical Centre (CMC) made the following announcement today (January 26) regarding the suspension of the ventilation system in a Computed Tomography (CT) scan examination suite of CMC:
     On January 23, replacement work for the air handling unit commenced in a CT scan examination suite of the Department of Radiology of CMC. Two units of portable air purifiers with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter were planned to be installed to aid temporary air ventilation. A confirmed COVID-19 patient received CT scan examination in the location concerned at around 1am on January 24. This patient required high flow oxygen with filtered mask and her duration of stay was around five minutes. On January 25 afternoon, it was noted that the air purifiers have not been installed as planned. Investigation reveals that a total of 71 patients have received examination in the same location. All of these patients had been wearing surgical masks and generally stayed in the room for up to a few minutes for the procedure. The staff who conducted patient examination as well as disinfection has worn personal protection equipment properly. 
     Infection Control Unit and the Facility Management team of CMC had conducted site visit and airflow test in the location concerned. Upon joint risk assessment by hospital Infection Control Unit, the Chief Infection Officer of the Hospital Authority and the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), no staff member nor patient was identified as close contact. One staff member and 10 patients were identified as other contact and are required to receive COVID-19 test and medical surveillance. The hospital will also contact all involved inpatients as well as staff members who worked in the area concerned for tests. Discharged patients would be referred to the CHP for follow-up.
     The hospital had arranged thorough cleansing and disinfection in the location concerned and will continue cooperating with the Centre for Health Protection on follow up actions.
Ends/Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Issued at HKT 20:43
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