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Government implements "restriction-testing declaration" and compulsory testing notice in respect of specified "restricted area" in Jordan
     The Government yesterday (January 23) made a "restriction-testing declaration" and issued a compulsory testing notice in respect of specified "restricted area" in Jordan, requesting persons subject to compulsory testing to take the test before midnight yesterday.

     According to the preliminary records of the Food and Health Bureau and the Home Affairs Department (HAD), a total of about 6 900 persons underwent testing at the temporary specimen collection stations in the "restricted area" yesterday.

     The Government thanks persons in the "restricted area" for their co-operation in undergoing testing at the specimen collection stations orderly. Meanwhile, the Government appreciates the efforts and support by colleagues of various departments and the testing agencies in helping members of the public to take the test.

     Working staff of the Government visited more than 3 240 households in the "restricted area" yesterday, involving around 6 200 residents. Details of the residents were registered to facilitate follow-up on testing condition in the future. Home visits will continue today (January 24). Those who have not undergone testing will be arranged to take the test at specimen collection stations.

     The Government provided simple food and basic cleaning tools for persons subject to compulsory testing. The HAD also arranged some 50 working staff who can speak ethnic minority languages to assist residents in the "restricted area" to undergo testing as soon as possible. The staff also distributed relevant information of the "restriction-testing declaration" in multiple languages.

     The Government aims to finish the exercise within 48 hours and to complete testing of all identified persons subject to compulsory testing and confirm the results, with a view to allowing residents to start getting to work at around 6am tomorrow (January 25). The Government hopes this exercise will completely cut the local transmission chains and ease residents' worries and fear, so that they will regain confidence in resuming social and business activities in the area, and return to a normal life.

     The Government also reminds persons who had been present in the "restricted area" for more than two hours in the past 14 days, even if they were not present in the "restricted area" at the time when the declaration took effect, to comply with the compulsory testing notices and undergo testing at testing centres as soon as possible for the sake of themselves and that of the others. Undergoing testing is a responsible act for oneself, his/her family and the community. Any person who breaches the "restriction-testing declaration" commits an offence and may be liable to a fine of $25,000 and imprisonment for six months.
Ends/Sunday, January 24, 2021
Issued at HKT 3:55
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