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Government completes enforcement action on compulsory testing notice to help achieve compulsory testing on mandatory basis and community clearing
     ​The Sha Tin District Office (STDO), together with the Tin Sum Police Station, the Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS), the Hong Kong Housing Society (Housing Society) and the relevant departments yesterday (December 24) conducted enforcement action on compulsory testing notice at Ming Yan Lau of Jat Min Chuen in Sha Tin. The operation started at 6am yesterday and lasted until midnight.

     During the joint enforcement operation, the relevant departments had checked whether the residents had undergone the COVID-19 tests from December 17 to 21, 2020 as required pursuant to the compulsory testing notice issued by the Government earlier.

     We had checked the test records of over 1900 residents during the operation, among them, 76 residents were found to have violated the compulsory testing notice.

     Some residents claimed they had undertaken the deep throat saliva tests by taking the specimen collection packs. Having checked against the test records provided by the Department of Health (DH), the STDO confirmed that about 980 residents had undertaken the deep throat saliva tests with negative test results. The STDO had sent electronic confirmation messages to or asked Housing Society to inform those residents.

     However, around 140 residents' records could not be verified. We are following-up with DH for investigation. The STDO reiterates that the aim of the Government to issue the compulsory testing notice is to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community soonest possible so as to protect the overall public health and safety. This will also help early identification of hidden cases, so that they can get treatment soonest possible.

     We thank the many residents who had compiled with the compulsory testing notice for their co-operation to fight against the virus together. During the operation, we had also found a small number of residents who had violated the compulsory testing notice. These residents had been arranged for testing after being warned. We had also requested the residents to stay at home before the testing results are available to reduce the risk of community infection. We understand that the enforcement of the compulsory testing notice could only be successful with the co-operation of the residents and members of the public. The Government appeals again for public co-operation in complying with anti-epidemic measures and maintaining social distancing, so as to enable Hong Kong to return to normal as soon as possible.

     We are also grateful for the support and co-operation by the Police, AMS, Housing Society and the related departments to allow the enforcement actions to carry out smoothly. We understand that the enforcement process may cause some inconvenience to the residents. But we hope the residents can understand that this is for the purpose of achieving compulsory testing on mandatory basis and community clearing.
Ends/Friday, December 25, 2020
Issued at HKT 13:13
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