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Education Bureau holds Auspicious Messages/Chinese Costume Design Competition under Positive Parent Campaign
     The Education Bureau (EDB) issued a circular memorandum to all kindergartens and primary and secondary schools today (December 16), inviting them to encourage parents and students to participate in the "Our Ambassadors 'Mommy Light' and 'Daddy Light' celebrating the Lunar New Year - Auspicious Messages/Chinese Costume Design Competition" organised by the EDB for promoting the Positive Parent Campaign.

     A spokesman for the EDB said, "The EDB has launched the Positive Parent Campaign this year and held a mascot design competition between June and August. 'Mommy Light' and 'Daddy Light' (Annex 1) selected by the EDB as the mascots for the Positive Parent Campaign serve as the ambassadors of the Campaign to promote positive parent education as well as the proper ways and attitudes of raising children to parents and the public. It is also hoped to enhance a positive mindset among parents in nurturing their children, with a view to helping their children learn effectively and grow happily."

     The spokesman said that the competition aims to enable students and parents to learn about the Positive Parent Campaign and its ambassadors, "Mommy Light" and "Daddy Light", and unleash their creativity as well as to welcome the Lunar New Year together by participating in the activity.

     The spokesman added that parents and students are welcome to participate in the competition together. The competition is divided into three categories, namely kindergarten, primary and secondary. For the parent-child activity of the kindergarten group, students have to design the auspicious messages together with their parents (please refer to the template at Annex 2). Participants of the primary and secondary groups can choose to enter the competition individually as a student or jointly as parent and student, and help design the Chinese costume for the ambassadors (please refer to the template at Annex 3).
     The panel of adjudicators will select a champion, a first runner-up, a second runner-up and 10 meritorious prize winners for each category. Winners will be awarded a certificate of commendation and a book voucher. Interested students and parents can visit the event website (www.parent.edu.hk/article/ppc_cnylight) for the details of the competition and submission of entries online from December 23 onwards. The deadline for submission is January 18, 2021.  
     For the updates of activities and information of the Positive Parent Campaign, please visit the EDB's Smart Parent Net Website (www.parent.edu.hk).  
Ends/Wednesday, December 16, 2020
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