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EDB cancels registration of teacher 
     The Education Bureau (EDB) today (November 12) said, in response to enquiries, the EDB had issued a letter to a primary school teacher this week, informing him that, taking into account the serious mistakes in his teaching, lack of competence to be a teacher and complete neglect of his basic duty to prepare for lessons, the EDB considered him incompetent and not a fit and proper person to be a teacher, and thus cancelled his teacher registration in accordance with the Education Ordinance.  
     A spokesman for the EDB said, "This teacher taught completely wrong contents and confused right and wrong when teaching a number of historical events in the General Studies subject at Primary Two. The teacher not only lacked basic subject knowledge and common sense, but was also unable to understand textbooks or teaching materials. He had also seriously neglected the basic duty of preparing for lessons. His teaching was based on personal wild guesses, or even casual thoughts, resulting in wrong and weird narration in the self-learning materials produced for students."
     The event came to light in April this year during the suspension of face-to-face classes in school. The teacher produced and uploaded self-learning materials to the school webpage for students to learn at home, and a number of serious mistakes in his professional teaching were found. For example, when explaining the causes of Britain starting the Opium War, this teacher said that it was because Britain wanted to "destroy opium in China". When narrating on paper making in the context of the Four Great Inventions of China, he said that the purpose for ancient people to invent paper was to replace the use of turtle shells and animal bones, etc, for recording events so as to "prevent the extinction of animals". Such teaching contents are obviously wrong or are even absolute nonsense. 
     The spokesman said, "We learned that the school had already provided teaching kits to the teacher, who should have had little difficulty in finding the correct historical information if he had been more prudent and attentive. Even if the teacher did not know how to access the teaching resources in the publisher's website, there was actually a link attached to the e-book used by the teacher himself with access to correct information. Apparently, the teacher had not read and understood the teaching materials and information in a careful, serious and thorough manner. The teacher also had not put in any serious effort in preparing the script for producing the self-learning materials. It was indeed a grave professional mistake and complete neglect of duty that the teacher did not prepare for lessons seriously and only taught students based on his own casual and even nonsensical thoughts. The school has taken disciplinary action against the teacher."
     He stressed, "From the perspective of professional teaching, the case involved serious mistakes which reflected that the teacher not only lacked basic competence in teaching but also lacked the proper attitude expected of a teacher. The teacher only taught with his wild guesses, which would cause serious harm to the learning and development of students. The EDB cannot put the well-being of students in the hands of such a teacher. We trust that parents and society would share the same view.
     "During the process of handling this case, the EDB has gone through a thorough and stringent investigation procedure, including examining the school's report and the teacher's explanations to the school. The teacher was also given opportunities for making representations. The teacher concerned had also sought assistance of legal advisors. After thorough consideration of all the information collected and the nature and gravity of the case, the EDB considered that the teacher is incompetent and is not a fit and proper person to be a teacher, and thus decided to cancel the registration of the teacher in accordance with the Education Ordinance so as to safeguard the well-being of students, uphold the professionalism of teachers and maintain the public's confidence in education in Hong Kong."
     According to section 72(2) of the Education Ordinance, no person who has had his/her registration cancelled shall, without the permission in writing of the Permanent Secretary for Education (PS(Ed)), enter or remain in any school. Pursuant to section 72(2) and 72(3) of the Education Ordinance, should there be specific circumstances that the teacher concerned needs to enter or remain in any school premises, he/she may apply in writing to seek the written permission of the PS(Ed). The PS(Ed) will consider the application on individual merits and may specify conditions as he/she thinks fit.
     The spokesman added, "For this case, the EDB considered that this teacher should not be allowed to work independently to lead students to learn primarily because of the serious lack of basic competence and proper attitude required of a teacher, even though he might not have misled the students with ill intentions. If he needs to enter a school to take up non-teaching duties (such as providing support in information technology or multimedia, or organising or supporting extra-curricular activities), the EDB will fully consider the application, taking into account his qualifications, his experience, the monitoring of the school and other relevant factors."
Ends/Thursday, November 12, 2020
Issued at HKT 18:21
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