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Security Bureau's response to thematic study report by Independent Police Complaints Council
     The Independent Police Complaints Council (IPCC) published today (May 15) the "Thematic Study Report on the Public Order Events arising from the Fugitive Offenders Bill since June 2019 and the Police Actions in Response" (the Thematic Study Report). 
     The Thematic Study Report sets out the IPCC's detailed review to gain a broad picture of the large-scale public order events (POEs) and the corresponding Police actions since June 2019, as well as 52 recommendations in improving Police practices and procedures made in accordance with Section 8(1)(c) of the Independent Police Complaints Council Ordinance (IPCC Ordinance)(Cap. 604).
     The Chief Executive has requested the Secretary for Security to establish a task force and personally supervise the task force to study the report and follow up its recommendations, as well as to communicate with relevant departments and organisations. The Security Bureau is now making preparations to convene a task force meeting as soon as practicable with a view to developing a work plan and identifying the priority items in respect of the 52 recommendations put forward by the IPCC. Members of the task force shall include representatives from the Police and other departments and organisations relevant to the review items.    
     The spokesman of the Security Bureau said, "The Government expresses gratitude to the IPCC Chairman, Mr Anthony Neoh, SC, and all members of the IPCC for their time and efforts in preparing this report. Different versions, statements and allegations of social incidents and issues covered in the report have been circulating across the society. The IPCC's report seeks to provide a complete picture of the incidents through rigorously reviewing a tremendous amount of information and cross-checking information obtained from different sources. We believe that the report can help ascertain the facts. At the same time, the report has proposed a series of improvement measures which should be helpful to the Police to better handle future POEs and further enhance their law enforcement efforts."
     The task force, to be led by the Secretary for Security, will carefully study and effectively follow up the 52 recommendations made by the IPCC, report regularly to the Chief Executive, and consider making public the progress made when appropriate to enhance transparency. The Police will also report to and discuss with the IPCC in accordance with the mechanism under the IPCC Ordinance. 
     The IPCC is a statutory independent organisation comprising non-official members from a wide spectrum of society. In addition to the Chairman, Mr Neoh, who is a Senior Counsel, seven of the incumbent members are from the legal sector, two from the medical sector, two are accountants, one is an engineer, one is a surveyor, and other members are from the education, banking, finance, transport, commercial, public services and philanthropic sectors. With their rich experience in community and public services, members directly monitor the Police's investigation of complaints in an in-depth and objective manner. Every year, the IPCC also makes recommendations to the Police in respect of deficiencies identified in Police practices or procedures. All recommendations have been responded to and are followed up proactively by the Police.
Ends/Friday, May 15, 2020
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