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Correctional Services Department combats illicit activities (with photos)
     Following a series of measures adopted in mid-March to combat collective illicit activities at the Tai Lam Correctional Institution, the Correctional Services Department (CSD) today (March 26) launched another operation to combat illicit activities.

     Intelligence has revealed that following the operations launched in mid-March by the CSD, some aggrieved persons in custody had planned to incite a large group of persons in custody to engage in certain collective activities with a view to acting against the institution's management personnel, who immediately closely monitored the target persons in custody. At around 7.30am today, during the issue of the morning meal, a male person in custody disrupted order in a dining hall, whereupon correctional officers immediately took disciplinary action against him. A group of persons in custody then lodged a collective complaint to exert pressure on the institution's management to rescind the disciplinary action and stop combating the illicit activities in the institution. Intelligence also revealed that the persons in custody have incited others to participate in the collective illicit activities with the aim of worsening the situation.

     Following an assessment and detailed planning, the CSD deployed at 2pm today reinforcements of more than 70 staff to the Tai Lam Correctional Institution, including the Regional Response Team, staff of Security Section, a Dog Unit and other reinforcement staff to conduct a surprise search on the target persons. A total of 22 persons in custody suspected of being involved in the collective illicit activities were removed from association and put under investigation. The operation is still in progress and the CSD will continue to closely monitor developments.

     In order to assist persons in custody to rehabilitate in a safe and orderly environment, the CSD spares no effort in combating illicit activities of all kinds in its institutions.

     Tai Lam Correctional Institution is a minimum security prison for the detention of male adult persons in custody who have records of repeated imprisonment.
Ends/Thursday, March 26, 2020
Issued at HKT 19:11
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