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Taxi Written Test to be enhanced
     The Transport Department (TD) announced today (January 2) that the Taxi Written Test will be enhanced from February 14, with adjustments made to the content, the number of questions and the passing criteria so as to attract more newcomers to join the taxi industry.

     The taxi trades and members of the Committee on Taxi Service Quality have expressed views about the Taxi Written Test to the TD. They suggested that a review be conducted to enhance the content and arrangements of the test to attract more new blood to join the taxi industry, thereby alleviating the manpower issue of the industry.

     The TD has carefully considered and examined the views and suggestions and completed the relevant review under the premise of ensuring the robustness of the existing test system. The review outcome includes maintaining the existing test structure, which comprises three parts (i.e. Part A (Taxi Regulations), Part B (Location Questions) and Part C (Road Users' Code)); simplifying the test content with updating as appropriate; and adjusting the number of test questions and the passing criteria.

     To better meet prevailing needs, Part B of the test, Location Questions, will be updated to Location and Route Questions. The Location Question Booklet currently available to prepare candidates for Part B of the test will be updated to become the Location and Route Questions Booklet, in which some places no longer prominent to the general public will be deleted while some newly developed sites gaining popularity will be suitably incorporated. In addition, new route planning questions will be added to strengthen the testing of candidates' abilities to identify the most direct and viable route between two designated locations.

     In addition, the number of overall test questions will be adjusted from 140 to 90, of which 20 questions each in Part A and Part B will remain unchanged while the number of questions in Part C will be adjusted from 100 to 50. The test duration will be shortened from 70 minutes to 45 minutes correspondingly. The passing criteria will be adjusted to 17 or more correct answers for each of Part A and Part B, as well as 43 or more for Part C.

     In late 2019, the TD communicated with taxi trade representatives, who have indicated general support for the enhancements. The enhanced Taxi Written Test will be applicable to candidates (both fresh candidates and repeaters) who are allocated test appointments on or after February 14. Relevant candidates will be issued with the updated Guide to Taxi Written Test and the Location and Route Questions Booklet. For details, please visit the TD's website (www.td.gov.hk/en/publications_and_press_releases/publications/free_publications/index_categoryid_8.html).
Ends/Thursday, January 2, 2020
Issued at HKT 11:25
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