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HKEAA submits 2019 Territory-wide System Assessment Report
     A spokesman for the Education Bureau (EDB) said today (November 5) that the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) has submitted the report of the 2019 Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) to the EDB.
     The spokesman said, "The performance in the three subjects of Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics of the Primary Three, Primary Six and Secondary Three students largely remains steady. From a statistical point of view, the fluctuations of the attainment rates in the subjects concerned are within acceptable ranges. As in the past, the attainment rates of different levels were calculated against the basic competency standards set in 2004."
     This year, the Primary Three TSA was continuously conducted on the basis of "no student names, no school names, no collection of reports and selection of participants by sampling", with about 10 per cent of Primary Three students from public sector and Direct Subsidy Scheme schools in the territory being sampled to participate. As regards to primary schools which have voluntarily arranged all their Primary Three students to participate in the assessment, the HKEAA will later contact respective schools and provide them with school-level data directly for use as feedback on learning and teaching. The EDB will not obtain school reports of individual schools from the HKEAA.
     The spokesman added, "Since the introduction of enhancement measures in 2018, the implementation of the Primary Three TSA has been satisfactory. The EDB will continue to uphold the original policy intents of the TSA as a low-stake assessment, promote 'assessment for learning' as well as closely monitor its implementation to ensure that drilling for the TSA will not be revived. According to the information provided by the HKEAA, schools welcome the various types of school reports, in particular the information analysis report which provides information on item analysis and overall student performance, and considers them useful in offering feedback to learning and teaching as well as an objective and targeted basis for schools to develop more suitable curriculum plans and learning and teaching strategies."
     The EDB will continue to support schools in promoting "assessment for learning", which includes making effective use of and enhancing the Student Assessment Repository, Web-based Learning and Teaching Support and organising teacher professional development programmes to encourage sharing of good practices among schools, as well as continue to conduct the questionnaire survey on students' learning attitude and motivation. The EDB will organise topical seminars on promoting "assessment for learning" making reference to the 2019 TSA reports and introduce effective ways of using assessment data and information to enhance learning and teaching. The seminars will be held in November. Teachers can sign up via the EDB training calendar.
     In addition, the EDB will continue to strengthen public education on assessment literacy and maintain communication with schools and stakeholders through various channels such as focus group meetings, seminars, inspections, school visits and daily contacts as well as continuously implement the TSA and related follow-up work.
     Related territory-wide figures of students achieving basic competencies in the three subjects of Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics from 2004 to 2019 are shown in the Annex. Details of the TSA and assessment of this year can be found on the HKEAA's website (www.bca.hkeaa.edu.hk).   
Ends/Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Issued at HKT 16:30
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