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Police severely condemn radical and violent acts by protestors at airport
     Yesterday night (August 13) and in the small hours today (August 14), a large group of protestors unlawfully assembled at the Hong Kong International Airport. They detained, harassed and assaulted a visitor and a journalist, inflicting physical and mental harm on them. Police severely condemn such radical and violent acts of the protestors.
     Regarding the first case, police officers were deployed as per a request from the Airport Authority Hong Kong to assist ambulance officers and an injured visitor to leave. However, numerous protestors continuously hurled miscellaneous objects and aimed laser beams at police officers, during which a police officer was assaulted and his baton was snatched. In order to protect himself from threats to life or serious injury, the officer withdrew a pistol and stayed on guard.
     As to the second case, a male journalist was violently treated by a number of protestors. The victim’s hands were tied with plastic straps, and was assaulted and detained by the protestors, he even fainted for a short period of time.
     In the end, ambulance officers successfully sent the two victims to Princess Margaret Hospital and North Lantau Hospital respectively.
     In the incident, Police have arrested five persons for offences including unlawful assembly, possession of offensive weapons, assaulting police officers and breaching of the peace. Two police officers were injured and sent to North Lantau Hospital.
     Investigation by the District Crime Team of Airport District is underway.
     Police severely condemn the protesters' acts which disregarded the law and order. Police reiterate that an in-depth investigation will be conducted, tracing all clues, to bring assailant to justice.
Ends/Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Issued at HKT 3:55
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