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Police strongly condemn violent acts in Kwai Chung
     Kwai Chung Police Station yesterday (July 30) was besieged by a large number of protestors when handling the bail arrangement of a group of arrested persons. The protestors assembled around Kwai Chung Police Station and requested the release of those arrested persons.

     At around 9.30pm, while two police vehicles were leaving Kwai Chung Police Station, protestors suddenly poured irritating liquid onto police officers nearby. At around 10.30pm, police officers were sent to the scene after noticing an assault happened near Kwai Fong Station. When two police officers were on their way returning to the police station, they were surrounded and deliberately attacked by a large group of violent protestors, who also hurled miscellaneous objects at the two police officers, with one of them being attacked. In order to protect himself from the threat of death or serious injury, the officer raised a shotgun loaded with bean bag rounds to stay on guard. Moreover, his anti-riot helmet was also snatched during the attack.

     Protestors also hurled miscellaneous objects and poured irritating liquid onto reinforced officers. The window pane of a police vehicle was broken and three police officers were injured in the process.

     Two men were sent to hospital after being assaulted by protestors. Twenty-four police officers were assaulted or splashed with irritating liquid in the incident with five of them sent to hospital for treatment.

     Investigation by the Regional Crime Unit of New Territories South is underway.

     Police strongly condemn protestors who assaulted members of the public and police officers. Police will investigate all illegal and violent acts. Police are capable and determined to maintain law and order in society and do not tolerate any violent acts.
Ends/Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Issued at HKT 17:19
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