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Early online application under Sale of Home Ownership Scheme Flats 2019 advised
The following is issued on behalf of the Hong Kong Housing Authority:

     Application for purchase under the Sale of Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) Flats 2019 (HOS 2019) will commence on May 30 and end on June 12. With effect from this application exercise, the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) will provide an e-Submission service in addition to the current paper-based submission. Applicants can submit applications and make payment online.
     It is anticipated that the volume of usage will be large, especially nearer the closing of application, and the system is expected to be very busy. Applicants are therefore reminded to avoid submitting applications nearer the closing of application to ensure a successful submission before the deadline, a spokesman for the HA said today (May 28).
     In order to allow more members of the public to use the e-Submission service at the same time, the application form must be completed within 45 minutes, and the data cannot be saved during the process of application.
     The system will also check if the applicant is still using the system at the specific time when they start filling in the application form and remind the applicant to continue to fill in the application form. If the application is idle for more than two minutes, the application process will be suspended.
     "According to the experience of other organisations and repeated testing, in general, 45 minutes is enough to complete the online application process," the spokesman said.
     For a more smooth online application and payment process, the spokesman reminded applicants to get ready the required information prior to filling in the online application form. This information includes identity documents of the applicant and related family members (if any), the total household monthly income and the total net asset value of the household, and a valid credit card.
     "In busy hours, e-payments may take a longer time. While waiting for the computer system to process payment, applicants should not press other buttons on the browser. Otherwise, the payment process may be interrupted. After successful payment, the system will automatically send a payment acknowledgement email to the applicant. If the applicant does not receive an acknowledgement email within one day, he or she should contact the issuing bank or call the 24-hour HA sales enquiry hotline 2712 8000 (via 1823) to check whether the payment has been completed. If the application fee is not successfully paid online, the application will be considered invalid."
     For Green Form (GF) applicants who are living in the HA's public rental housing estates or the Housing Society's rental estates, the staff in their estate office will contact them to verify their household information upon receipt of their online application. GF applicants and all family members aged 18 or above are required to sign a copy of the application form prepared by the estate office and return it to the estate office for follow-up action. Application number will be emailed to them later.
     "As for the White Form applicants, the application process is relatively simple. After submitting and paying the application fee online, they will receive an acknowledgement email. An application number will be emailed to them later. If the applicant and his or her family members made duplicate applications, their application will be cancelled and the application fee will not be refunded," the spokesman said.
     A step-by-step e-Submission video demonstrating how to apply online will be available shortly before the commencement of application on May 30.
     During the application period, the HA will closely monitor the operation of the system. If there is any problem, it will carry out immediate improvement measures to ensure that the use of online application is as smooth as possible.
     For information on HOS 2019, please visit the HOS 2019 website (www.housingauthority.gov.hk/hos/2019). Apart from submitting the application online, members of the public can also download an application form from the website from now on, complete the downloaded form and submit it in person or by post within the application period.
     The spokesman reminded members of the public to read the Application Guide before applying. The relevant information has been uploaded to the dedicated website. The sales information on the HOS developments has also been uploaded to the website and can be downloaded at any time.
     Notwithstanding applicants choosing to use the current paper-based submission or online application, WF applicants can choose to apply for HOS 2019, the White Form Secondary Market Scheme (WSM) 2019 or both using a single application form.
     The application period for HOS 2019 and WSM 2019 is from 8am on May 30 to 7pm on June 12.
Ends/Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Issued at HKT 12:01
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