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Government's response to implementation of enhancement measures of MTRCL on four-line signalling system service disruption
     Regarding the incident of signalling system failure on MTR Island, Kwun Tong, Tsuen Wan and Tseung Kwan O Lines on October 16, 2018, the Executive Review Panel (Panel) set up by the MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL) has completed the investigation. The MTRCL today (December 19) submitted a detailed report to the Government on the Panel's investigation on the cause of the incident, its review on the contingency and information dissemination arrangements on the day, and its recommendations for continuous improvement.

     The Transport and Housing Bureau, the Transport Department (TD) and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) have looked into the report and accepted the investigation outcome of the Panel on the cause of the incident. Suggestions made by the Government on the review of the incident have also been agreed by the MTRCL and were reflected in the report.

     The Government was concerned about the incident on October 16 and requested the MTRCL to conduct in-depth investigation. During the MTRCL's investigation, the EMSD monitored the investigation work including reviewing the signalling system data records on the incident day and observing the simulation test conducted by the MTRCL and overseas experts from the signalling system suppliers. The MTRCL also arranged for overseas and local experts to assist in the investigation. 

     The report confirmed that the incident had no correlation with the signalling system upgrading project and its testing. That said, the EMSD has requested the MTRCL to conduct a comprehensive examination of the signalling system equipment, and to continue to closely monitor and maintain the relevant systems during the signalling system upgrading project and its testing, including deploying additional personnel when necessary to stand by in critical stations' signalling equipment rooms to reboot the computers and expedite the recovery works.

     In light of the experience gained, the TD is reviewing the existing contingency plan with the MTRCL, including the provision of free shuttle buses in affected stations, especially those with little alternative public transport when there is prolonged service delay. The review is expected to be completed by mid-2019.

     The TD and the EMSD will closely monitor the MTRCL in implementing the enhancement measures of the report in order to avoid recurrence of the incident, as well as the enhancement of its contingency and information dissemination arrangements during incidents.

     According to the Service Performance Arrangement under the MTR Fare Adjustment Mechanism, the MTRCL will be penalised for causing any service disruption of 31 minutes or more due to system breakdown or other human factors. As the setting of the signalling systems of Tseung Kwan O Line and part of Kwun Tong Line is different, coupled with the inter-connection among the other three lines, it is thus calculated on the basis of four incidents. The MTRCL has set aside $8 million to give concessions to passengers next year.
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