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Communications Authority press release
The following is issued on behalf of the Communications Authority:

     This press release summarises the decisions of the Communications Authority (CA) following its 77th meeting held in July 2018:

Breach by SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited (SmarTone) of Special Condition 4.4 of its Unified Carrier Licence in relation to mobile number porting

     Between February and March 2018, the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) received a total of 11 consumer complaints relating to the porting of their mobile numbers from their original mobile service providers to Birdie Mobile Limited, a reseller of SmarTone's mobile services, without the consent of the consumers concerned. OFCA conducted an investigation into the complaints. Having considered the assessment of OFCA and the representations of SmarTone, the CA concluded that SmarTone had breached Special Condition 4.4 of its Unified Carrier Licence in relation to the regulatory requirements on mobile number porting. The CA decided to issue a warning to SmarTone. For details, please refer to the CA's Decision published on the CA's website (www.coms-auth.hk/filemanager/statement/en/upload/458/Smartone_Final_Decision_e.pdf).

Application for a non-domestic television programme service (non-domestic TV) licence by China Silk TV Road International Media Group Limited (SRTV)

     The CA decided to reject the application of SRTV for a non-domestic TV licence.

     In processing SRTV's application, the CA has assessed the application in accordance with the assessment criteria set out in the "Guidance Note for Those Interested in Applying for Non-domestic Television Programme Service Licences in Hong Kong" issued by the CA. These criteria include financial and managerial capability, commitment to invest, technical competence and experience, programme sources for the proposed programming plan and the extent to which the terms of the licence and any laws and relevant ordinances are likely to be observed. After considering all the documents and information submitted by SRTV as well as the representations of SRTV in response to CA's provisional decision, the CA concluded that SRTV failed to demonstrate that it has the financial capability to provide the proposed service and its application should be rejected.

Renewal of the other licensable television programme service (other licensable TV) licence of Movielink (Hong Kong) Limited (Movielink)

     The CA approved the application by Movielink for renewal of its other licensable TV licence for the provision of television programme service to hotel rooms in Hong Kong for 12 years, from July 9, 2019, to July 8, 2031 (both dates inclusive). Including Movielink, there are 22 other licensable TV licensees providing services to more than 70 hotels in Hong Kong.
Ends/Thursday, July 26, 2018
Issued at HKT 16:05
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