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Meeting with film and television sectors on reproduced Hong Kong currency notes for filming
     Representatives of the Film Services Office of Create Hong Kong (FSO) under the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the Police today (June 19) met with representatives of the film and television sectors to explain the application procedures and requirements for using props currency notes for filming purposes and to discuss the way forward to enhance the trade's understanding of the relevant guidelines.

     Attending the meeting were representatives of the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers, the Hong Kong Televisions Association, the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild, the Hong Kong Film Assistant Directors' Association, the Hong Kong Film Arts Association and the Hong Kong Movie Production Executives Association.

     The HKMA said at the meeting that henceforth a set of samples will be attached to the existing guidelines to demonstrate the required size of the props currency notes and the distinguishing designs and features required to set them apart from genuine banknotes. An application form will also be attached to the guidelines to assist applicants in providing the required information. Where an application does not fulfill all the requirements, the applicant may make amendments and updates to the application. Where an application is approved, the HKMA will provide the applicant with the contact information of the three note-issuing banks, the Information Services Department and the Police to facilitate the necessary follow-ups.

     At the meeting, to ease the concerns of the trade, the Police elaborated on their established follow-up arrangements, including the controls and requirements for storage and destruction of prop notes. The FSO also undertook to continue to maintain close contact with the industry to help resolve any filming issues, and will update the "Guide to Filming in Hong Kong" published by Create Hong Kong for the trade's reference.

     In addition, HKMA has already uploaded the application guidelines to its website (www.hkma.gov.hk/media/eng/doc/key-functions/monetary-stability/notes-and-coins/Stage_money_Guidelines_and_general_conditions_eng.pdf). A link to the guidelines has also been provided in FSO's website (www.fso-createhk.gov.hk/en/links).

     Should the trade have any enquiries about using props money for filming purposes, they are welcome to contact the FSO (email: fso@createhk.gov.hk;tel.: 2594 5745;fax.: 2824 0595). The FSO also stands ready to provide to the trade with contacts in the HKMA and the Police to assist the trade if there are queries in relation to application procedures and follow-ups.
Ends/Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Issued at HKT 17:21
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