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Response to media enquiries regarding installation of drivers' rest kiosk at Lok Wah bus terminal
     In response to media enquiries on installing a drivers' rest kiosk at a bus terminal in Lok Wah (North) Estate by the Kowloon Motor Bus Company Limited (KMB), a spokesman for the Housing Department (HD) said the following today (August 11):

     The HD, as the Deed of Mutual Covenant (DMC) manager of Lok Wah (South) and Lok Wah (North) Estates, has to manage the estate common areas according to the DMC.

     The HD has earlier received KMB's application to install a drivers' rest kiosk at the bus terminal in Lok Wah (North) Estate. The HD has been actively in touch with KMB to follow up on the application. KMB's proposal of building a drivers' rest kiosk on a portion of government land within the bus terminal area is being processed.

     KMB neither informed in advance nor obtained any prior approval from the DMC manager of Lok Wah (North) Estate when placing a temporary drivers' rest kiosk on another plot at the estate common areas on August 9. For such land use, approval from the Lands Department and another land owner, the Link REIT, must be obtained first.

     Noting that the rest kiosk was placed with neither prior application nor approval from the DMC manager, HD staff immediately contacted the KMB persons in-charge. Following their refusal to remove the rest kiosk, HD staff had no other option but to follow the current guidelines by putting up a notice at the kiosk, requesting the parties concerned to remove the rest kiosk within the required time.

     Nevertheless, the HD will continue to maintain contact with KMB, requesting the company to submit the relevant written application. The HD will continue to proactively follow up on the matter.
Ends/Friday, August 11, 2017
Issued at HKT 19:10
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