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Transcript of opening remarks by LegCo President on ruling on Committee stage amendments proposed by Members to the Appropriation Bill 2017
The following is issued on behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat:

     Following is the opening remarks by the President of the Legislative Council (LegCo), Mr Andrew Leung, on the ruling on the Committee stage amendments proposed by Members to the Appropriation Bill 2017 at a media briefing at the LegCo Complex today (April 24):

     I now briefly explain my ruling on the Committee stage amendments (CSAs) proposed by Members to the Appropriation Bill 2017.

     In making the ruling, I have duly considered factors such as the power and function of the LegCo to examine and approve budgets, the right of Members to participate in the legislative process, and the Council's past experience. And I have made this decision, striking a proper balance among all these factors.

     Rule 69(3) of the Rules of Procedure allows flexibility for Members to consolidate their CSAs. I would like to point out that a CSA, even if passed, would only have the effect of reducing the amount of appropriation to the specified head. Therefore, a Member can consolidate his views and propose only one CSA for one subhead.

     This year, 20 Members proposed 742 CSAs. Eighteen of them, including a few new Members, proposed 153 CSAs. After deducting the CSAs that are unintelligible or inaccurate hence inadmissible, I have decided to admit all of the proposed 112 CSAs.

     With the remaining two Members, Hon Chan Chi-chuen proposed 67 CSAs involving 45 subheads. I consider that the CSAs are frivolous when viewed in entirety. Nonetheless, in view of the number of CSAs proposed by him is relatively small when compared to those of Hon Leung Kwok-hung, I would therefore allow Hon Chan to move one CSA to each of the 45 subheads.

     Hon Leung Kwok-hung proposed 522 CSAs, which may be divided into two categories. The first category comprises 491 CSAs involving 65 subheads. Hon Leung has proposed multiple CSAs to one subhead. Based on the Council's past experience, there was little exchange of views among Members during the debates on such CSAs. Considerable time was also spent on quorum calls. I am not satisfied that these CSAs will generate meaningful debates. I consider that these CSAs are frivolous or meaningless and hence inadmissible. The second category comprises 31 CSAs. Three of them are inaccurate and hence inadmissible. For the remaining 28 CSAs, given that each of them seeks to reduce the appropriation to one subhead only, I would allow them to be moved.

     To sum up, I ruled that of the 742 CSAs proposed by Members, 185 are admissible.
Ends/Monday, April 24, 2017
Issued at HKT 14:45
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