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Tightening vehicle emission standards in phases starting from July 1
     The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) today (April 13) said that the Air Pollution Control (Vehicle Design Standards) (Emission) (Amendment) Regulation 2017 and its amendment have already been passed. It will help further reduce the emissions of motor vehicles and improve roadside air quality.

     An EPD spokesman said that the Amendment Regulation and its amendment would tighten the emission standards for newly registered motor vehicles (except for diesel private cars, buses with a design weight of not more than 9 tonnes, light buses with a design weight of more than 3.5 tonnes, motorcycles and tricycles) from Euro V to Euro VI in phases starting from July 1, 2017 and for newly registered diesel private cars from California LEV II to LEV III starting from October 1, 2017 (detailed in the Annex).

     "To improve roadside air quality and protect public health, the Government has a standing policy to tighten motor vehicle fuel and emission standards in line with international developments when there is a reasonable supply of compliant fuels and vehicles in Hong Kong," the spokesman added.

     Compared with their Euro V counterparts, Euro VI heavy duty diesel vehicles emit about 80 per cent less nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 50 per cent less respirable suspended particulates (RSP or PM10), while Euro VI light duty diesel vehicles emit about 55 per cent less NOx.

     A number of reputable organisations have found that Euro VI diesel cars that meet the prescribed emission certification standards in a test laboratory emit NOx substantially above the regulated limit in real-world driving. Since vehicular NOx emissions causing nitrogen dioxide are a major roadside air pollution concern in Hong Kong, California LEV III, which is more effective in regulating diesel car emissions than Euro V and California LEV II standards, should be adopted for newly registered diesel private cars.
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