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CAD response to media enquiries on new Air Traffic Management System
     In response to media enquiries on the new Air Traffic Management System (ATMS), a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) today (October 6) said:

     The new ATMS has been operating smoothly and performs in a safe, stable and reliable manner since the commencement of its phased functional implementation (PFI) on June 19, 2016. Its operating time and scope of service coverage have been expanding progressively in the last three months as scheduled. The Air Traffic Control (ATC) staff have become more familiar with the operations of the new ATMS.

     The CAD values the feedback and comments from the ATC staff greatly. During the acceptance tests, before the PFI and throughout the PFI, the CAD conducted workshops and briefings to update the ATC staff on issues related to the new ATMS and to solicit their views. The CAD attached great importance to their suggestions on ways to further improve the new ATMS. A project team was tasked to carefully review those suggestions and follow up as appropriate. One of the suggestions was about the overlapping of aircraft data-label, which has already been addressed before the PFI. The CAD also reported it to the Legislative Council Panel on Economic Development in this March.

     The new ATMS is equipped with automatic and advanced technologies, and more information can be shown on the radar screen than the existing ATMS, which can enhance situational awareness of the ATC staff and enable them to provide more advices and assistance to the pilots when necessary.

     While the PFI is in progress, the CAD will continue to solicit views from the ATC staff and review the operations of the new ATMS according to the overall operational needs with an aim to further enriching the new ATMS in every aspect.

     The CAD has all along followed the safety-first principle. We fully understand the public’s concern about the new ATMS and will critically review the experience gained during the PFI and the progress, staff readiness and resources requirement. Moreover, we will make reference to the advices of the overseas independent consultants appointed by the Transport and Housing Bureau and the CAD. The new ATMS will be launched only when we have attained the highest level of system and staff readiness.
Ends/Thursday, October 6, 2016
Issued at HKT 21:01
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