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Government seminar promotes cyber security
     The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer held the Cyber Security Seminar today (September 23) to share with the public the emerging cyber security threats and the associated risk mitigation measures.

     The seminar, with a theme of "Protect Your Precious Assets in Cyberspace", was part of the Cyber Security Programme this year. Representatives from the Government, industry associations and solution providers spoke on the best practices of information security in regard to a number of hot topics, including online privacy, mobile payment security, mobile app security and security measures for mobile platforms.

     Officiating at the seminar, the Deputy Government Chief Information Officer (Infrastructure and Operations), Mr Victor Lam, said, "Nowadays, different mobile technologies have greatly improved our daily life. However, the growing popularity of smart phones and mobile devices also makes them new targets of cyber attacks by hackers."

     Mr Lam reminded the public to pay attention to mobile security, and be alert to ransomware attack, so as to prevent the leakage of personal data or financial loss.

     He added, "We should stay vigilant against cyber attacks at all times. We should back up our data periodically and update our operating systems and applications in a timely manner, and should not install or use applications from unknown sources or visit malicious websites or hyperlinks to minimise the risks of being hacked."

     The theme of this year's Cyber Security Programme is "Let's Secure Our Cyberspace". Organised by the Government in collaboration with various industry and professional organisations, the programme features a series of activities, including seminars, a contest and a recognition scheme, for the participation of the general public. It aims to enhance the awareness of cyber security among the Government, the business sector, academia and the general public, and shape a safe and healthy cyberspace with concerted efforts. 

     To strengthen information sharing with other places under the globalisation brought about by the Internet, the Government Chief Information Officer, Mr Allen Yeung, together with industry representatives, attended the 2016 China Cybersecurity Week in Wuhan, Hubei, earlier this week to exchange views with Mainland and overseas experts on cyber security. Mr Yeung also spoke on Hong Kong's efforts in promoting and enhancing cyber security awareness at the Cybersecurity Technology Summit.

     For details on the cyber security activities, please visit www.cybersecurity.hk.
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