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BD and FSD conduct joint enforcement action during territory-wide survey of mini-storage facilities
     The Buildings Department (BD) and the Fire Services Department (FSD) this morning (July 15) conducted a joint operation in an industrial building which was inspected earlier at Ngau Tau Kok Road. The BD has issued 16 statutory orders (including removal orders and repair orders) and the FSD has issued 20 Fire Hazard Abatement Notices to the building owners concerned and the persons in charge of the relevant mini-storage facilities respectively.

     Various irregularities in contravention of the Buildings Ordinance and the Fire Services Ordinance were found in the above mini-storage facilities and other mini-storage facilities inspected. The irregularities identified included:

i) removal of the original fire-rated unit entrance doors;
ii) exceeding the maximum travel distance of an escape route;
iii) inadequate width of the means of escape;
iv) obstruction of openable windows;
v) undesirable arrangement of storage cubicles;
vi) insufficient exit signs and directional signs;
vii) insufficient coverage of the hose reel system; and
viii) undesirable types of locking devices for escape doors.

     The relevant mini-storage facilities must carry out improvement measures as soon as possible, including removing some storage to widen the means of escape and reducing the travel distance of the escape route.

     The BD and the FSD will follow up on these cases in accordance with the Buildings Ordinance and the Fire Services Ordinance, and will request the building owners and the persons in charge of the relevant mini-storage facilities to abate these safety hazards immediately.

     The departments will continue to inspect all mini-storage facilities in the territory and the inspection is expected to be completed within two months. Both the BD and FSD will follow up on the irregularities identified and will take enforcement action accordingly.
Ends/Friday, July 15, 2016
Issued at HKT 16:40
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