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CAD responds to media enquiries on Shenzhen Airlines flight

     In response to media enquiries on a Shenzhen Airlines flight (flight number: CSZ9041) on June 26, a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) today (June 29) said that air traffic control (ATC) spotted the anomaly immediately after the aircraft concerned deviated from the standard missed approach track. Instruction was given to guide the aircraft back to the right track. The incident did not pose a threat to public safety. The CAD also immediately followed up on the incident afterwards in accordance with established procedures.

     "When the aircraft concerned was about to touch down on the north runway of Hong Kong International Airport at 9.56am on June 26, the pilot concerned informed ATC of the need to conduct a missed approach, during which the aircraft did not follow the standard missed approach track. ATC then instructed and guided the aircraft back to the right track. Subsequently, the aircraft landed safely and no one was injured in the incident. Throughout the process of the missed approach, the safety of other aircraft within the Hong Kong Flight Information Region was not affected. According to the information gathered at the moment, the weather was fine at the time of incident. There was no risk of collision between the aircraft concerned and other aircraft or buildings, including the Giant Buddha, the spokesman said.

     The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has promulgated very stringent standards on aviation safety. All the relevant Hong Kong legislation, including that on mandatory occurrence reporting, is in line with the requirements of the ICAO. With regard to this incident, ATC notified the safety management division of the CAD according to the Mandatory Occurrence Reporting mechanism as set out in the Air Navigation (Hong Kong) Order 1995 (Cap 448, sub. leg. C). The airline concerned was also requested to look into the incident, submit a detailed report to the CAD and take necessary actions to safeguard flight safety for its flights operating to and from Hong Kong. Furthermore, the CAD has informed the relevant department under the Civil Aviation Administration of China for necessary follow-up action in parallel.

     "The CAD has requested the airlines concerned to send some representatives to Hong Kong to elucidate on the incident and the follow up actions once the report is ready. The CAD will study the report in detail and will formulate follow-up action as appropriate," the spokesman said.

     "According to the record, ATC has strictly complied with the established procedure and relevant rules in handling the flight concerned. ATC operation was not supported by the new Air Traffic Management System (ATMS) at the time of incident. The conjecture that the occurrence was related to the new system is completely unfounded and inaccurate. The new ATMS is designed to meet the latest international standards on technical, safety and ATC operational requirements," he added.

Ends/Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Issued at HKT 19:18


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