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Regulation of recycling of waste cooking oils to be strengthened

     The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) and the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) jointly announced today (June 28) the latest progress and follow-up of the measures on strengthening regulation of recycling of waste cooking oils (WCO). These measures aim to promote WCO recycling and prevent WCO from re-entering the food chain, thereby safeguarding public health.

     In response to the public concern on safety of edible oils, the Government announced in the 2016 Policy Agenda the introduction of administrative measures to ensure proper disposal of WCO produced by local licensed food premises.

     The EPD launched a free WCO Recycling Administrative Registration Scheme in mid-February this year to register local eligible WCO collectors, processors and exporters. Registration applicants should hold a valid Business Registration Certificate and the EPD will assess whether the applicants have adequate capability to comply with the requirements stipulated in the Good Practice Guide issued by the EPD, including proper collection and handling of the collected WCO as well as maintaining good transaction records.

     As of the end of March this year, the EPD had received 68 applications. Assessment of these applications has now been completed. Taking into account a range of factors including applicants' eligibility for registration, capability of WCO handling and business operations, the EPD has approved 60 applications, comprising 46 collectors, nine processors and five exporters. The registration lists have been uploaded to the EPD's website for reference by the public and the trade: .

     The EPD will monitor the operation of registered parties closely, including conducting surveillance visits, analysing transaction records and summary documents, and tracing the flow of WCO from sources to ultimate outlets. If registered parties violate the requirements stipulated in the Good Practice Guide, the EPD will issue verbal or written warnings to the parties concerned. In severe cases, the registrations of the parties concerned will be revoked. The EPD will also make known the revoked cases to the public and the food trade, and take suitable follow-up actions.

     The EPD will continue to receive and assess registration applications. It is anticipated that the results of the second batch of applications will be announced shortly. Future updates of new registrations and other related information will be published on the EPD's website.

     On source management of WCO, the FEHD will impose a new licensing condition for the licences of restaurants, factory canteens, food factories and bakeries and fixed-pitch hawker licences (cooked food or light refreshment) and include a new clause in the tenancy agreements with tenants engaging in cooked food business in FEHD public markets requiring the licensees or tenants to hand over their WCO to collectors registered by the EPD for proper collection and disposal. Starting in July 2016, the FEHD will inform the licensees or tenants concerned in writing of the new arrangements in phases. To allow sufficient time for the trade to make necessary preparations, the FEHD will implement the new licensing condition or tenancy clause 15 months after written notification.

     The FEHD and the EPD will continue to strengthen publicity and education on the new initiatives prior to their implementation. FEHD staff will explain the relevant measures to the above licensees or tenants during their routine inspections to facilitate their compliance with the additional licensing condition or new tenancy clause.

     For further information about the WCO Recycling Administrative Registration Scheme, including the Good Practice Guide for registered parties, eligibility criteria, the application form and processing of applications, please visit the EPD's website at or call the EPD's hotline at 2835 2263.

     Enquiries on the FEHD's new licensing condition or tenancy clause can be directed to the FEHD's hotline at 2868 0000.

Ends/Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Issued at HKT 17:12


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