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Public and private organisations join hands in "Building Up Wi-Fi.HK Through Collaboration" (with photos)

     The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer together with the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA) held the "Building Up Wi-Fi.HK Through Collaboration" Pledging Ceremony today (March 31). The event called for the active participation of public and private organisations in promoting free public Wi-Fi service with the Government through the Wi-Fi.HK scheme to facilitate easy access to the Internet by the public.

     Speaking at the ceremony, the Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Dr David Chung, said that the numbers of free hotspots, participating organisations and mobile app downloads of Wi-Fi.HK have increased in multiples since the scheme was launched more than a year ago. It serves as solid proof of the enormous potential in the development of public Wi-Fi service in Hong Kong through public and private collaboration.

     Dr Chung said, "The result will be limited if the Government is working alone in building a Wi-Fi connected city. We hope that private organisations will continue to introduce free Wi-Fi service in different private venues other than government venues in future."

     At the ceremony, the WTIA announced the result of a survey on Wi-Fi demand it commissioned earlier this month. The findings showed the keen demand for mobile data by the public. The public also recognised the convenience free public Wi-Fi service has brought to them and expected more free Wi-Fi hotspots to be set up at places such as public transport interchanges, tourist spots, parks, hospitals and public rental housing estates.

     In light of the implementation of measures to add free hotspots at venues with high patronage, youth service centres and study rooms as announced in the Policy Address and the Budget this year, Dr Chung said he expects that Hong Kong's free Wi-Fi service will better serve the public's needs and, at the same time, encourage various industries in Hong Kong to ride on innovation and technology as the key driving force for new economy development and exploration of business opportunities.

     Representatives of the Airport Authority Hong Kong, the Hospital Authority and telecommunications operators also shared their experience in joining the Wi-Fi.HK scheme. Some of them noted the adoption of server e-certificates to assist users in the validation of the identity of service providers in order to minimise the risk of accessing bogus Wi-Fi.HK service. Other Wi-Fi.HK participating organisations will gradually adopt the same measure to enhance service security.

     Hong Kong's common branding of Wi-Fi.HK was launched in August 2014 through collaboration of the Government with the industry. There are currently over 17 000 free hotspots in place. With the recent participation of Ocean Park and some government departments and related organisations, the number of participating organisations has increased to 30. The Hospital Authority launched a pilot project last year to provide one-hour of free public Wi-Fi service at public areas of six public hospitals such as waiting halls of their Accident and Emergency Departments and Specialist Out-Patient Clinics through public and private collaboration. The service will be extended to all public hospitals in future.

     "The Government will continue to invite more organisations to join the scheme and provide free Wi-Fi services at places frequently visited by the public, such as shopping malls, private hospitals and bus stops, so as to further expand the Wi-Fi.HK free hotspot network," Dr Chung added.

     For details of the Wi-Fi.HK scheme and hotspots, please visit the thematic website (, or download and install the Wi-Fi.HK mobile app.

Ends/Thursday, March 31, 2016
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