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Transcript of remarks by S for S

     Following is the transcript of remarks made by the Secretary for Security, Mr Lai Tung-kwok, at a media session after attending a public function today (January 16):

Reporter: Mr Lai, the Security Bureau said it is time to review the non-refoulement policy, so how exactly will it go about it? Also, regarding Lee Bos case, have the Mainland authorities been co-operative in answering whatever inquiries the Security Bureau has given?

Secretary for Security: The Police have already requested their counterparts to provide information and are still waiting for their response. For your first question (on non-refoulement policy), I would perhaps put it this way, this is a kind of legal obligation that the Hong Kong SAR Government has to carry out in accordance with the judgement of the Court of Final Appeal and relevant provisions of our law. What we are now reviewing is how to carry out our duty more effectively. As you may be aware that, the number of cases has been increasing quite sharply, so we have to find out effective means to handle this problem. Since in other jurisdictions, if they are facing the same problem, they are also thinking of various ways to handle or solve the problem.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

Ends/Saturday, January 16, 2016
Issued at HKT 18:43


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